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Yu Min big: Chinese education cannot be evaluated with success or failure

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Yu quick Hong Xindong just teachs group president (data picture)

Last night (21 days of) , yu Min big accept when interviewing, say, “ Beijing University comes out I and Xu Xiaoping, beijing University can say the mental home ” that is us.

Humour is one of characteristics of new east

New capital signs up for: New Oriental impression giving a person is the deepest, it is the teacher of a few extremely rich individual character and experience, how do these talented people pick?

Yu: When new east should establish first, I built a few standards to pick a talented person, although can be not accomplished completely, but still withheld a few elite.

Basically was at 5 o'clock: The first, extremely skilled to what teaching content to want, this is new east an apparent characteristic; The 2nd, humour is the primary quality that stresses all the time. We insist to foster the teacher that has sense of humor, although some people do not have sense of humor, won't jest, and became humour do laugh, but I still encourage him to tell, because this itself can let a student have fun at,learn to go down, most at least makes no longer stranded; The 3rd, serious, passion also is a characteristic; The 4th, want to have encourage annals mind, the metropolis experience with oneself and story come a lot of teachers incentive student, of course also some teachers are touched more to allow a student, and go adding some of thing. I emphasize with the teacher, must true, if oneself do not have such experience, tell others, " reader " on have a plenty of; The 5th is individual character, individualize better more.

Because the individual character of teachers asks plus what unite,new east is, just come out higher than other and congener enterprise little. Other school also wants to copy the pattern of new east, returning some is us the person of new east goes out, but the atmosphere that be formed less newly 13 years eastward, little I such person.

New capital signs up for: What characteristic does individualizing person still have? New east ever had netizens to be not Changshu all and liked Laoluo, can he still return new Oriental teach school?

Yu: Individualizing person can have lax in discipline, do not defend discipline, have oneself absolute idea, but this is no wonder, new east encourages the point of view that expresses his inside certain limits.

My interview comes in Laoluo, I understand him very much. He is absent to teach a course newly eastward later in summer vacation, the website that he himself does is busier, did not teach for nothing. We encourage a talent to go, because average teacher can enter an exhaustion period 3 two years, repeat oneself ceaselessly, of this pair of talents growing is adverse. So, we encourage talent poineering development, of course, it is better to if stay in company interior,develop.