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Yangzhou nursery school collects fees chase after college tuition continuously y

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Recently, term begins in succession as the major nursery school of Jiangsu Yangzhou, a problem begins to trouble the parent of children of the class before learning: Of this semester nursery school collect fees how to compare last term tower above a lot of? Before nursery school of one semester collect fees control in 1600 yuan, and each nursery school collects fees generally now be in one semester is controlled 2400 yuan, be about one year 4800 yuan. And of an average college of domestic collect fees control one year in 5000 yuan commonly, such appearing, what the tuition of child of a nursery school is equal to need at an undergraduate place almost is tuitional.

Did the tuition of nursery school go up? A few nursery school of Yangzhou urban district all express, according to education administration is in charge of the relevant provision of branch and prices branch, nursery school collects fees now execute one cost of “ to make ” , all charge include inside, other charge collect no longer inside semester. So tuition looks taller than before a lot of, it is same that actually the charge of one semester comes down on average to return.

Major young parent's such to nursery school tuition Gao Baisai does not get his to solve, have the parent more to nursery school carries out one cost of “ to make ” express indignation according to his means now: Last term of child of “ my wife and children collects fees is 1536 yuan, and after carrying out one cost of ‘ to make ’ now, tuition goes up at a draught 2430 yuan, besides annual of and so on of cost of the tuition that routine should receive, child care, incidental expenses, insurance premium, still increase the cost that controlled interest class. The interest class previously joins cost to attend of one's own accord, bring into one cost of ‘ to make ’ now inside. Handed in cost to become of one's own accord mandatory collect fees. One year optics expends a child 5000 yuan, be equal to the charge of the university on a child. Another parent says ” : “ the child of my friend, enter a school 1200 yuan of every semester, to graduation 1800 yuan of one semester. My home nephew began to go to school now, the mouth is 2200 yuan. ” parents express helplessly, the child always cannot arrive to go up the age of nursery school still is waited for in the home, and choose school also is impossible, yangzhou urban district the price of each nursery school is similar.

According to investigation, yangzhou mechanism one young, of a few nursery school such as nursery school of emerald green hillock of nursery school of river of Yangzhou short of Wenshui River and Yangzhou collect fees circumstance, discover each nursery school collect fees state essentially similar, be in 2000 yuan up. Mirror according to parents, charge is in this semester is adjusted rise. Mechanism one young the parent of a child calculated pen Zhang: “ my son went up in this small hold a class in the palm, tuitional, board expense and school uniform cost 0 always total cost handed in near 2500 yuan, this ability is one semester, it is to make me dizzy really. Light is tuitional, occupy us a 1 / of a year of defray 10, present learn to go up not to rise really. ” is in nursery school of river of short of Wenshui River, a parent that just signed up to the child says: “ learns incidental expenses is 1870 yuan, era partner cost is 560 yuan, in all 2430 yuan. Did not inform us of the parent beforehand, say to went up. ” and a in Yangzhou bilingual nursery school, collecting fees is so tall that let person be left speechless with wonder or fear more, one semester is about 4650 yuan.
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