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Educational cost: How much should the family assume?

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Xinhua net Jinan on December 18 special telegram (reporter Zhao Hua, Zhang Xiaojing) the educational cost to the child, how should government and family partake? Should be the family assumed how old scale is ability reasonable? The expert thinks, the characteristic that configures from market mechanism resource sets out, compulsory education is communal product, be not compulsory education is accurate communal product, compulsory education should be offerred by the government, be not compulsory education to should be offerred jointly by government and market.
3 education of 3 cities family raise enter an item of expenditure in the accounts

The expenses that consumes to education is too large and anticipate exorbitant, it is a when caused our country to consume inadequacy currently main reason. The last ten-day of a month in August 2005, chinese people bank in the whole nation 50 big, medium, small town undertook town depositor questionnaire is investigated, as a result apiration of deposit of indication town dweller increases, consumptive apiration drops, the dweller number that thinks more deposit is the most economical is occupied than for 37. 9 % , relatively on season increases 1 . 6 percent, relatively on year the corresponding period rises 4. 5 percent.

Yo of the state religion in Beijing University “ and group of task of ” of manpower resource research and economy of city of national statistic bureau investigate a team to cooperate, began in April 2005, in the whole nation 12 provinces city chose dweller of 10 thousand town, right town dweller education and obtain employment circumstance undertook investigating 2004. Data statistic makes clear: Rise as what teach degree, the rate of domestic responsibility rises apparently. Should make offerings to the student of an undergraduate course and above, want to spend the domestic expenses of close half. Task group once was opposite 1997 - the expenses of education of town dweller family 2000 occupies   the family can control income scale to had undertaken investigating statistic, the result makes clear, the teachs defray to occupy domestic expenses proportion that has student family had rise apparently. The scale that the family of student of accountability 2000 education teachs defray to occupy a family to be able to control income is 6. 9 % , and this one scale of elementary school and junior high school parted 2004 is 12 % is mixed 18 % .

Education of Beijing Normal University manages academic assistant dean Professor Du Yogong to point out, in recent years common people assumes the scale that teachs charge to show ascendant trend. Be in a country, because governmental action does not reach the designated position, the farmer must bear quite a few teachs a responsibility. to rural family income, current tuition has reached higher level. Can say, farmer education burden already exceeded a farmer to be in the burden of other respect. How to reduce a farmer to teach a responsibility, make the new task that is placed before various government.
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