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16 years son the university entrance exam obtains maternal endure all kinds of h

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677, yangzhou the 3rd, high post the first! On June 25, in horizontal stroke of high post city short for the Jinghe River presses down Mu Jiacun to be in in pallet house, the son Sha Ye that Yun Ji of laurel of maternal wash one's hair moves so that one hugs the university entrance exam takes exceedingly good achievement sharp edge, the mother and daughter of ” of this bitter to “ life chokes up with sobs. Yesterday, the reporter is driven go to high post, the cold door mother that close quarters experiences this pair of sigh with regret making a person child affection.

The person beside “ I have boast ambition, not simple, but I want to say, I have a great mother, so old, she supports me beside me all the time! ” is in yesterday Mu Guiyun's mother child the kin home that rents, the Sha Ye with austere dress sharp edge one face is thankful ground “ first the mother that ” introduces him ” ceremoniously to reporter “ . Regard an everyday country as the woman, mu Guiyun is called great ” has not been “ . 16 years ago, sha Ye sharp edge just 16 months, father left the world, that year, ability is 26 Mu Guiyun years old. Promise the husband to rear the child the Mu Guiyun of the grow into useful timber to was not married all the time. When the child reads elementary school, she does casual to a factory, in 6 years, mother and daughter lives in a 10 square metre, old dormitory that rains to leak. A month takes Mu Guiyun 70 money wages, she decided a ” of “ good rule to oneself: Every months of expenditure cannot 30 yuan over, 40 yuan are put go up to go to school to the child with. Below such difficult condition, elementary school 6 years, xiao bright sharp edge goes to school read this beautiful money a bit not as little as other child, when 11 years old, the small bright with right result sharp edge one's deceased father go up to mail a junior high school in the city high. The son's life needs to take care of, want grow into useful timber, supervise and urge indispensibly cannot little. Mu Guiyun and son go into town together, rent the home, began oneself to work hardly from now on career. Seam the dress, when bearer, cook for others whats do …… . The son after 3 years is sanded a key high school that bright sharp edge checks Yangzhou.

“ is outer work so old, people asks, I do not say the child does not have father, do not want to let others sympathize with us, rely on oneself both hands, I can raise good child. ” Mu Guiyun introduces, without giving thought to much much difficulty, tiredder, oneself do not call end before the son, behave very self-confidently instead. Buy newspaper of book, subscription, magazine, on the son's study, oneself from money of not stint cherish, and come 16 years, oneself had not bought a pretty clothes, the dress of 30 money is hated to part with buy. In the home, long faucet, change fuse, carry gas tin, the man's dry work is he is done, oneself also are affecting the child, the son with study outstanding result agrees to work with one's shoulder to collar, grow already for a young man.
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