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16 years son the university entrance exam obtains maternal endure all kinds of h

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It is in the eye of Sha Ye sharp edge, the mother that has read a middle school not only supervise and urge on the homework oneself, satisfy oneself as far as possible on the life and study, the help that gives oneself on spirit is greater. Below mom's influence, oneself are hopeful, firm, enthusiastic, what never show a difficult family child that loses father is craven, cowardly. Xiao bright sharp edge says, from first together, oneself establish the ideal that finished college of Tsinghua of pass an entrance examination, this ideal can have come true now, ” of contribution of 10 minutes of “ , mom should be occupied! Mu Guiyun says, send matriculate the son, oneself work even, suffer from a day a few years too even, and sensible son expresses, although obtained exceedingly good result, oneself never had wanted to want to resemble other classmate in that way “ enjoys ” life, complete “ loosens ” , him summer vacation should make two teaching in home, reduce a burden for the mother, depend on ” of oneself “ actual strength, promote him “ ” goes out scarcely is debatable!

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