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Jiangsu: "The university entrance exam reforms a times " rare example

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The school work level April 9 tests one end, jiangsu saved immediately of student of 496 thousand second year in high school to change new school timetable -- besides two elective and gym, before the university entrance exam they remain Chinese, maths and foreign language only.

Discussion Jiangsu the university entrance exam was caused inside countrywide limits last year new politics carry out formally already, plan of this the university entrance exam that stressed fundamental course position was thought to overturn ” of “ traditional the university entrance exam. Actually, since Jiangsu province executed “3 + X” the university entrance exam to reform 2000 oneself, sheet is installed from course of the university entrance exam on, come 8 years already all previous classics is adjusted 4 times greatly again. On reform strength and frequency, even if is the 4 provinces such as the first batch of Guangdong that execute new tax to change, Hainan, Shandong, Ningxia the area also cannot be compared to it. The “3 + that for instance Ningxia will carry out this year is small integrated ” has been Jiangsu 8 years the old plan before. Guangdong the plan of the university entrance exam 2007 chooses the fair problem ” that studies subject to get dispute fully because of “ , and take an examination of a law similarly to had executed 3 years in Jiangsu, and abolish soon.

According to the plan of Ministry of Education, before 2010, city of countrywide all province will execute high school class to change, to it the reform of the university entrance exam of form a complete set is imperative also. For the high school teacher of the constitutor of policy of the university entrance exam that feeling stone to cross river ” to all “ and a gleam of, student, changing a few times of Jiangsu is the example with rare ” of times of reform of “ the university entrance exam undoubtedly.

Become mouth of general put before the public of new plan of ” of “ secondary division physico-chemically to be moved hard

The plan of new the university entrance exam of Jiangsu just received the formal approval of Ministry of Education on March 14 till this year, be to be as long as before this the controversy of half an year.

On September 22, 2006, office of Jiangsu province education announced this province 2008 plan of the university entrance exam, level of “3 + school work puts forward to check + integrated quality to evaluate ” mode first in plan. When the college is admitted, 3 all outside counting comment take an examination of achievement delimit province to control a route, each college consults again the grade of test of school work level of examinee and integrated quality evaluation are admitted.

The level of “ school work that admits link up with with the college checked ” to become the central issue of controversy very quickly. Jiangsu province teachs hall controller to think, this action studies “ of change past the university entrance exam the corrupt practice that decides lifelong ” , the university entrance exam makes a dynamic process thoroughly. In the meantime, test of school work level also forces a middle school to fly full all course, look from the point of view that pushs quality education it is the one action that compares “ firm ” .
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