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Hair change appoint: Teach worker pay to be not gotten under local officeholder

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Yesterday, national hair changes appoint those who release " method of careful of inspect of cost of price of high school education " (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) show a such information fully: Worker of local education industry is average salary standard under local officeholder of average wage standard, according to officeholder average wage standard decides.

This asks for an opinion to stalk of grain to still say, same area, income of high school teacher is highest must not exceed place to educate industry worker 1 of average wage standard. 2 times; Average wage standard decides the worker of local education industry that congener school instructs in principle of salary of worker average per capita to be announced by statistical branch.

Nearly one period, national hair changes appoint for monitoring the price level of each industry, published idea of careful of price cost inspect in the industry such as water supply of taxi, property, city in succession ask for opinion draft, the hope can prevent the common people of cost impute to that should not assume by common people.

This asks for opinion draft to put forward, high school education fosters cost to should be formed by personnel expenses and public defray, stipulate 10 kinds of charge must not bring into high school to teach blame of school of education cost —— to last, the unreasonable charge that is not normal activity to cause; The school becomes independent accessorily the defray of substance of business accounting economy; The school purchases the loan interest of fixed assets and land access; Fixed assets dish deficient, discard as useless, damage, unused with the net loss that sell; Fine for delaying payment, penalty due to breach of contract, amerce and commonweal sex are donated; Exceed the blowdown cost of mark blowdown pay; External the defray such as investment; The depreciation etc that the school purchases the fixed assets that exceeds a student to foster normal need apparently is unreasonable defray; The charge that to administration director branch hands in, gain that pays to contributive person is divided into and the accessorial defray to auxiliary unit; Other although with the student education is concerned,the cost in order to that has nothing to do with student education is reached, but special fund source gives compensatory charge.

National hair changes appoint branch of prices of requirement each district and door of Ministry of Education will be right before January 10, 2007 " method of careful of inspect of cost of price of high school education " modification opinion refers this branch.

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