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Heavy pound unscrambles: The university entrance exam reformed Tianjin 2009 plan

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Rose 2009, college recruit students sees result of the university entrance exam only no longer, exam of level of high school school work and integrated quality evaluation also will regard college recruit students as admitted important basis.

Unscramble · the university entrance exam to reform scheme

Summer 2006, this city begins to have test of new course of average high school, the first batch of high high school students that join new tax to change will attend the university entrance exam 2009. " plan " exert oneself makes ” of system of exam of level of school work of “ average high school and “ common ” of system of integrated quality evaluation adopts high school the system innovates, these two systems and system of college entrance exam form sound system system jointly, form effective linkage mechanism, promote the set form a complete set that develops pattern to talent choose mode from the talent to reform. In system of this system frame, recruit students of institution of higher learing will consult achievement of exam of level of high school school work and high school are integrated quality evaluates a result, measure in the round, enroll only outstanding people.

Unscramble evaluation of · integrated quality

Integrated quality evaluates student of average high school is the organic component that system of entrance exam of common colleges and universities reforms Tianjin city integratedly. City of Tianjin of this job basis teachs committee " about print and distribute < student of Tianjin city average high school is integrated quality evaluates program > announcement " the organization is carried out. The file emphasizes from accomplishment of moral character, citizen, study ability, communication and collaboration, motion and health, aesthetic wait for 6 respects with expression with realistically sexual commment, aptitude is maintained, the performance that the form such as achievement expression is recorded and evaluates examinee, achievement, individual character, special skill, admit for college recruit students provide pertinent information.

Unscramble exam of level of · school work

Exam of level of school work of average high school is in the country guidance falls, establish by provincial education service, with the country standard of course of average high school is the unified exam that examines content. Its are main the function is detect the education state of average high school, detect state of study at school of student of average high school, provide information of basic one's studies for recruit students of common colleges and universities. The course that level of school work of average high school takes an exam is politics of Chinese, maths, foreign language, thought, history, geographical, physics, chemical, biology, IT, current technology.

Admit the liability to check the school work of student of average high school, the check content of elective is installed in exam of level of school work of average high school. Check of class of take as an elective course undertakes in trunk course above all, extend whole subject next.
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