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Foster the father of 6 doctors

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Cai laugh evening brings city in Zhejiang luck illustrious and famous: Cornstalk Cai astronomy, doctor of university of Er of American health Nai graduates, it is Ni Yada of guest evening standard to learn one of the youngest lifelong professors now; Second child Cai Tianwu, 14 years old take an examination of class of boy of college of Chinese science and technology, 25 years old obtain the United States Luoqiesite college doctor's degree, fill company vice president high for the United States now; 3 child Cai Tian division, institute of Beijing foreign language graduates, ever was writinged brush by American testament the university is admitted; 4 child Cai Tianrun, china medical university graduates on the west, ever was established by American Arkansas the university is admitted for the doctoral student; 5 child Cai Tianjun, master of university of Chinese science and technology; 6 female Cai Tianxi, 18 years old become doctoral student of Masschusetts Institute of Technology, 28 years old hold the position of the associate professor with haing Buddha the youngest university.
children people the means that each serves elite, father Cai of 66 years old laughs at late work to cannot be done not have this year. “ comes to father's part manage ” when the career is a word that Cai Xiao often hangs late in mouth edge, for the person that fails to make important matter trade one time personally to because of “ , ‘ father ’ is my lifework, children is my the greatest glory. ”

For handle daughter people education becomes a useful person, cai laughs at the thing that a few others do not wish to sacrifice or evening dare not sacrifice, tried the thing that a few others did not think of or does not have the courage to think.

■ he feels the future is uncertain, give birth to a few children more with respect to the decision, let their him implementation become a useful person dream

Cai laugh is had deep love for as a child late read, take an examination of on after key high school, because politics careful is unqualified, was removed sb's name from the rolls by the school. Be worth at that time “ turned over right ” 1957, and the legal medical expert that his father ever held the position of Kuomintang. Young Cai Xiao begins self-study late, build the course of high school entirely with time of a year, attended in those days the university entrance exam. However seem of domestic family background a impregnable fortress, again the attend school way that block decided him.

Uncle persuades Cai Xiao to have a job late first, want the job to had been behaved only, read hopeful still. Then he became a teacher into elementary school, be judged to go up with outstanding working achievement advanced youth. Below the commendation of the school, the achievement that Cai laugh depends on 3 course full marks eventually late is fastened to admit by the Hangzhou university physics at that time, round oneself read dream.
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