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"Indulgent " the girl writer that come out

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Successful type: High school student, teenager writer.

Domestic background: The mother is art worker.

Family education characteristic: Him society of child of its · education that lets the child do his to be willing to do judges the United States ugly

In January 2001, media of news of domestic much home reported a newses, the novel that Chinese youth press is about to publish a 200 thousand word " the door of hell of give somebody a new lease on life " , the author is Beijing Normal University accessary what the 2nd middle school is not worth 17 years old is tall 3 girls Jin Jin, and novel first time issues 100 thousand, limelight does not let at that time book market popular " Halley · baud " Chinese edition.

Of Jin Jin this exceeds reality to imagined a novel to tell about student of 4 high school to enter the hell that is not traditional sense to go up to accidentally, hades is a girl, 4 students are itinerary at hell in, the true that uses the mankind and love are transforming hell, the 2nd paradise became finally in hell of warlike lieutenant general, and these 4 people paid everything for this however. Take human love there in the Tartarean door that Jin Jin opens wide in this, give somebody a new lease on life a Tartarean door.

The comment says, alarmingly dangerous of novel be in harmony, exciting, wisdom, humorous at an organic whole, have big baronial and epic appearance that closes greatly already, what have pure romance again is lyric China collect, still have Oriental culture familiar to the ear the historical literary quotation of detailed, can mythological fokelore, affirmative meeting wins Chinese teenage reader to include the reception of adult reader. Gold used time of 6 years to complete this book early or late today, wrote high school from elementary school. The title of this book is written by Han Meilin of our country famous artist, the caricature illustration that cover is drawn and abounds in the book, him Jin Jin draws the author that is this book. The novel of Wen Bingmao of this kind of graph, also caused the attention of a few presses and movie company. They in succession with Jin Jin arrange with, want to buy outright caricature copyright of Jin Jin, some companies even force invites Jin Jin to join in.

Encourage a daughter to develop a good point

Mom king red Mei of Jin Jin does painting, often draw in the home, in the begining, jin Jin always draws the paintbrush that mom grabs when the picture and paper Chinese ink in mom, often do so that mom cannot have the job. But mom never rebuke she, when the tool painting a picture that mom considered him purchase of — of a method, — decides meeting buy two, such, jin Jin reaves, oneself still have one to cover spare. In a house, often two people draw each each, each other noninterference. (what must not censure the child at will is piquant good move, it often is the expression of child wisdom. Such example has a lot of place in the book. ) skill of Jin Jin that paint a picture is in this kind of environment “ teachs oneself ” more. Sometimes, jin Jin can let mom evaluate ” of his “ your work, no matter Jin Jin is drawn what kind of, mom never says she is drawn badly, point out which one part is good however. When seeing Jin Jin draw again next time, attentive mom discovers, jin Jin's good place is much, and poor local nature is little.
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