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"Indulgent " the girl writer that come out

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Jin Jin still has ” of another “ defect when attend class, in ” of scratch of the “ on paper. When teacher lecture, jin Jin's brain often absquatulate, and write down oneself “ cranky ” on paper.

Elementary school graduates, jin Jin take an examination ofing entered middle school of Xu Bei grand, two art squad is recruited over there, jinjin became a among them. Teacher of junior high school is in when explaining a text, a few vocabularies want Jin Jin to be interested only, she is met ” of conveniently “ annotate on, and add go up oneself understanding is wanton on paper play. Such for a long time doing, hard to avoid is not discovered by the teacher, after the teacher discovers, confiscate Jin Jin's scrip, along with ” of her “ annotate on along with all the others tear to shreds is refuse. This makes Jin Jin feels sad fully, but she very helpless. Jin Jin put a dictionary in the place that puts scrip later, the dictionary is put on desk as study things, did not arouse the teacher's suspicion, the teacher thinks Jin Jin give up before “ defect ” . However, jin Jin is to be engaged in above before “ job ”— does “ headnote ” by his understanding. These her practices, still was discovered finally by the teacher, the result cans be imagined — asks the parent! The teacher got angry this time really: This student is hopeless really, her “ commits the crime the measure of ” is more and more expensive, look look! This takes notes with respect to the classroom that is her, her classic. The dictionary places in mom before. The blank inside the dictionary is in, already thickly dotted ground bespread “ headnote ” of Jin Jin. Jin Jin's mom is not lukewarm not teacher of igneous ground comfort: “ since she changes not to drop old trouble, go by her. If she disturbed classroom, affected the study of other classmate, that is cannot of Rao Shu. ”

“ falls then, she herself just works quietly. I discover she is very difficult, other classmate cannot see, also do not talk to go up interference. Mr. ” compromises later and acquiesced. such, jin Jin is able to do the thing that he is willing to work, do thoroughly till the blank place that dictionary full till “ headnote ” .

Jinjin became the student of class of experiment of liberal art of boreal division old attached middle school later.

Company daughter is cold to good luck

Wang Gongmei says Jin Jin's mother, in growing process of Jin Jin, although Jin Jin seized a lot of opportunity, also lost a lot of opportunity at the same time, it may be said is to have so that have break. When 4 years old, jin Jin has painted a picture, and be drawn well. She had an opportunity to know Han Meilin of our country famous artist, became a good friend with Han Meilin later, han Meilin does not enjoy Jin Jin's picture especially, often give Jin Jin the painterly tool such as a few paintbrush, return ” of money given to children as a lunar New Year gift of Jin Jin “ even. This kind of friendship between generations between them lasts to now all the time. Since knew Han Meilin, painterly level of Jin Jin had a flight rise.
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