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"Indulgent " the girl writer that come out

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Once, mom takes her to go Yong He palace is sketchy, tourist of covey foreign country is transient, see Jin Jin is being drawn, stop to be admired carefully. Jin Jin is drawn, a foreigner wants to buy the painting with the price of 10 dollars through the interpreter. In those days, wang Gongmei still does not know whether sell the painting to the foreigner, the opinion that her consult translates. Want to know, wang Gongmei's monthly pay has 100 only at that time multivariate, and in those days the exchange rate of dollar and RMB is 1 ∶ 10. The interpreter tells Wang Gongmei but sell just as well, want you to be willing only. Then, that foreigner got Jin Jin's picture gladly. The foreigners from the back look, discharge a team to come in succession, wait to buy “ product ” of Jin Jin. Jin Jin says whats were drawn however, pulling mom to go. She is such, always the thing that oneself are willing to do, never want to let others interpose, once do some thing for some kind of purpose, she would rather abandon.

When 6 years old, mom takes her to play to park of courtyard of Beijing black bamboo, old man of a foreign country is sitting leisurely in river side, side of weeping willow, river, old person, made a wonderful picture. Jin Jin tells mother, want to talked with the old man in the past. “ your meeting English? ” mom asks her.

Is “ met? Breath out collect! ” gold says really today.

“ is good. You go. ” mom a bit does not feel Jin Jin's answer is comical and funny, very serious ground agreed. Jinjin goes with the foreigner really “ is breathed out collect ” . Hand and mouth are used between them, communication just is able to undertake. “ child hello. Your meeting what, say with me. ” old man is amusing Jin Jin.

Jin Jin perhaps remembered paint from life of Yong He palace encounters that one act of the foreigner, the foreigner likes a painting. She says: I can draw “ ! ” is saying to had received a foreigner to hand her pen and paper were drawn. The foreigner has received Jin Jin's picture, had said again and again: Resemble picture wind of Picasso. He is asked for to Jin Jin. Jin Jin sees he is not carried spend money will exchange, agreed happily. The foreigner is glad extremely. Jin Jin tells when parting company, he calls Mu Lu person (transliteration) , it is Spaish, he left Jin Jin's address and phone.

Later, telephone call of Jin Jinzhen that received Mu Lu person and epistolary. such, jin Jin and solemn Lu Shiyi is maintaining epistolary contact continuously. Jin Jinchang sends a few his pictures to give Mu Lu person. Be informed through the interpreter later, mu Lu person likes Jin Jin's painting particularly, the contemporary picture of those strokes of a Chinese character using wool that he sends him Jinjin is hanged in the bedroom, meet the person tells he and “ to have the society of the ” of Chinese young artist of Picasso style.

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