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"Indulgent " the girl writer that come out

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Once, the interpreter calls invite Jinjin and mom to have a meal to Beijing Mcdonald's. Between banquet, the interpreter tells Wang Gongmei and Jin Jin, mu Lu person is president of preexistence group bank, come last China in Beijing a few universities discourse on an academic subject, he ever got Deng Xiaoping's interviewing. This makes Wang Gongmei shock not small indeed.

Mu Lu person puts forward to let Jin Jin the 2nd year study abroad to Spain. Make Jin Jin much learn — some English, as the pre-construction that study abroad. Later, as a result of a strange combination of circumstances, jin Jin fails to embark on a journey from beginning to end.

When taking an examination of old attached middle school of the division that enter north to had not termed begins, fellow student of a college guides president of middle school of an United States to come to China to make an on-the-spot investigation visit, ask Jin Jin's mother and daughter to have a meal in inn of Beijing roast duck incidentally, that president assumes office to pit at the United States Bu (transliteration) the accessary middle school of strategics courtyard, this school is graduate, enter world-renowned American West Point more. Between banquet, jinjin and they chat particularly happily, the president is moved by witticism of in rapid succession ceaselessly. He says later, the student that enters our school asks to have 6 primary quality, jin Jin had had 4 now. If Jin Jin is willing to become the student of our school, can avoid annual the tuition of 17 thousand dollar, and be in charge of solve the problem of board and lodging that Jin Jin is in the United States.

Who can if going up, take seriously dining table? Cannot think of, passed before long, jinjin received American bank Bu really (transliteration) the admission notice that strategics courtyard accessary middle school sends. Going going up with the problem that does not go, mom and Jin Jin hesitated. Jin Jin is good take an examination of not easily went up boreal division old attached middle school, but, go abroad study abroad, again average person is longed for day and night. Do visa first, do not go, say again later.

Mother and daughter two taking advice note to go to the United States embassy queues up to deal with visa. They did not seek advice from beforehand the particular note of concerned visa.

The result is refus autograph. Be informed later, it is control is very tight that the United States enters the United States to study abroad to foreign high school student, jin Jin even if is in American middle school graduation also is not worth 18 years old, hard to avoid makes the other side produces “ to have emigrant tendency ” . But the one screen that Jin Jin recalls visa, still disturbed and indignantdisturbed and indignant: The visa official of diplomatic mission is thrusting, come round the person of visa is examined euqally when thief. Their captious look, let a person be overcome really. Waiting, you carry me now, one day I can carry you in the future. Jin Jin pledges secretly.
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