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"Indulgent " the girl writer that come out

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Face the opportunity that loses again and again, jin Jinxian very calm. Do oneself to like the thing that do, the stuff place that never is some kind of utility is driven, this is Jin Jin is consistent work style.

Let her daughter differentiate stand or fall

The study of the job of maternal Wang Gongmei for oneself and Jin Jin, bought computer. Chat on the net, need registers net name, jin Jin had an a little coquettish net renown, that is the name of film of an United States. Very fast, of call in is middleaged male more (fictitious) netizen, there is no lack of among them have evil intentions person.

Mom gets online in Jin Jin when, often sit aside calm view. Unless Jin Jin asks her, she is “ view chess only not language ” . That net name since Lian Jinjin, she also does not add comment on, more do not add prevent. She is all the time such, easily incorrect Jin Jin's wrong practice criticism, give to good side only encourage. To Jin Jin's coquettish net name, she is same such. Suddenly, such character appeared on computer screen: Are you coquettish young woman really? Jin Jin laughs to mom later, the opinion of her consult mom, how should reply. Mom says to Jin Jin: You say, I am! Occasionally, have a few topics licentious and elementary indelicacy, clinking. One day, jin Jin is driven beyond forbearance eventually the ground leaves chatting room, ground of her angry angry says to mom: Dull in the extreme! How OK such!

Mom laugh, do not respond him is. Let him child try to differentiate to wrong thing, what should compare the parent is homiletic get effectively with interference much. (this word is justifiable. But its premise must be the child has stronger identifying force and eye, otherwise, before the phenomenon of bizarre and motley, the child can be done dizzily, not differentiate thing. Of course, freezing 3 feet, those who be not a day is cold. The parent is about to be made from every little bit at ordinary times, be aimed at particular case, specific issue, by shallow help the child into deep ground, distinguish wrong and right, establish correct world outlook, philosophy stage by stage. ) the experience on the net a variety of gossip, annoy, although also have bit of risk, but if can accumulate some of experience from which, similar problem is encountered in real to will coming life, undoubted meeting adds payable courage and method.

Carry coquettish net name, jin Jin knew the harsh one side on the net. She is rapid depose that net name. But spent period of time, she still wants to get online chat. When the school has a holiday, jin Jin gets online again chatted, draw the lesson that names last, the net name that changed ” of girl of capital of a “ enters chatting room, the situation is different, but what a few netizens use is full of a few burning hot courtship languages, had the experience that copes with make peace of the lie on the net to annoy last, deal with this rise, she is much more mature. But appeared again new case, that is a few netizens do not satisfy on the net to interact, make an appointment with Jin Jin to meet below the net in succession. This also makes Jin Jin was full of curiosity, also think a fictitious world and actual contrast. According to the netizen's invitation, her a lantern with paper cut figures of men goes to the netizen's appointment again and again euqally, most a week of a long time interviewed 13 netizens unexpectedly. Until see curiosity is weakly, meeting process be bored with, irritated till. Before long, jin Jin discarded ” of “ capital girl again.    
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