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"Indulgent " the girl writer that come out

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Normally we teach the child, total love points out his defect, want him to correct defect, modesty is careful, guard against arrogance. And Wang Gongmei is different. She easily incorrect Jin Jin's wrong practice criticism, guide a daughter to discern stage by stage however dispute, good to its side gives in time encourage. So, let mom evaluate his when the daughter when the picture draws do exercises in composition, mom never says she is drawn badly, point out which one part is good however. Teacher “ shape accuses ” Jin Jin to attend class not serious listen to a talk, like to immerse oneself in do “ headnote ” , mom also is not lukewarm not fire comforts teacher “ to go by her ” . Be a mother this kind of different and common practice, protected self-confident heart of Jin Jin, make she can discover her virtue, and be in the process of ceaseless success, aggrandizement this kind of consciousness, be full of confidence to his life.

If a person always overcomes his weakness, then your lifetime is in the likelihood to make a fight with defect; If always develop a good point, you may be in all one's life the good qualities that carries on you. A psychologist says well: “ is in the psychological life of people, self-respect or self-abased ego evaluation consciousness have very big effect. It is valuable that people classics regular meeting regards him, your person likes, advantageous, able person. If a person sees the value that is less than his, see oneself inadequacy only, whats are inferior to others, everywhere inferior to others, can lose confidence, produce self-abased move, such person can lack initiative of spark, lack. ” fills competitive time in this, the self-confident heart that develops the child is very important, our parent mights as well combine Jin Jin grow, fine think carefully consider this issue.

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