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Parents is good-tempered bring up all-pervasive girl

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Competition of large award of car of travel, tennis, piano, F1 is waited a moment, qu Ting likes these. Pa Mom of Qu Ting never has concern to cross these hobbies to be able to affect her study, instead ground of “ good-tempered ” makes these interest seeds gemmiparous, grown. Junior high school when, on Qu Ting confusing competition of F1 car large award, begin to study hand of motorcade, car, engine discharges model of quantity, tire, turn to radius to wait a moment, the little knowledge that still acquires these is written into the diary. When Shanghai holds contest of car of first time F1, she wants to go very much the spot watchs fight, at that time is during attending class, study is very nervous, father still agreed with her to go. When the United States communicates, qu Ting attended league matches of tennis of middle school woman on behalf of the middle school that add phenanthrene, after classessing are over at 2 o'clock afternoon everyday, mix classmates a practice a ball game, drill even sometimes at 78 o'clock in the evening. Although play a ball game,took up time of a lot of study, but father mother never has had prevented her, encourage her to had drilled the ball instead. Say hauling ball, qu Ting says piquantly still, she does not have the “ legacy ” of successive father, because father is ping-pong lover, hope she also likes to play a table tennis originally, but she fell in love with tennis however. Like travel also the “ good-tempered ” of Mom of profit from pa. 2003 summer vacation, when in preparing actively with age person, be taken an examination of, qu Ting and father mother drive together travel 4000 much kilometers, cross height above sea level the Ba Yan noise made in coughing or vomiting of 5000 meters of above pulls hill, Kunlun hill, Tang Gu to hike mountain, arrive at Tibet and the Himalayas, qu Ting returns those who wrote 20 thousand words to be driven oneself swim diary system writes a composition " the brigade of green Tibet " . These interest are liked not only learn without the influence, and make she increased experience, also accumulated the significant sth used to one's own advantage that gains a school favour.

Oneself him thing is done advocate

Qu Ting's parents is very busy person, the study of graceful of music of very few at ordinary times bother about. Nursery school when, on Qu Ting is class of put one's child in a boarding nursery, elementary school when, she also is the is received to go back finally child on the class, be parents this kind of manner can let her grow more quickly than other child instead, have a program more to his future. “ pa Mom not very is in charge of me, I did not go to school ahead of schedule, also had not gone up to junior high school from elementary school class of take lessons after school, when wanting to should learn only, learn from good examples to go. Small when may lazy, but be brought up a little after very self-conscious. Pa Mom no matter I not only did not let me fall next homeworks, let my comparing be the same as instead age the child grows a few more quickly, know what oneself should do. The thing that goes to the United States this is the decision after I go back to the motherland, also my person does the business that declare, pa Mom did not object, saying him thing that wants oneself only to be able to be done is the most marvellous. ” Qu Ting still tells a reporter, she is mixed afternoon everyday now should go up in the evening French grooms class, learn English, learn again 2 outside, the life that is in an university later to her so and job are met helpful.
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