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Train two doctors to farmer husband and wife

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Terrestrial miracle 

Jiang Zhengxiu of 57 years old, li Jinyu of 55 years old, it is city of bayou of Jilin province plum husband and wife of farmer of a pair of when counteract town equality village ordinary the Korean people, have one in all female two child. Come for years, godchild of their endure all kinds of hardships, work with perseverance becomes a useful person, make children as a child each is tasted learn to hold actor concurrently, take an examination of in succession attend a college. Among them two sons early or late the good achievement pass an entrance examination with Number One Scholar of article of province, ground, manage Beijing University and Tsinghua, and in succession the doctoral graduate student of university of Tsinghua of pass an entrance examination and Japanese Tokyo university. 

A very average farmer household, husband and wife of a pair of average farmers, foster undergraduate of 3 high talent to cause sensation in home town early or late, click of the tongue of your myriad parents says to surprise and be envied, enquire in succession: Is ginger home husband and wife how of child of education, education? What wise move to have certainly, absolutely a key to do sth? 

On May 9, 2004, the author comes to 3 groups to plum bayou city counteract town equality village, in small courtyard of a farmhouse, covered this pair of husband and wives deep. Mention how to foster children to become a useful person, ginger home husband and wife is radiant with happiness, although Chinese is very not fluent, tell however vivid and dramatic. 

Careless nest flies off phoenix comes 

Jiang Zhengxiu is the person of a hopeful broad-minded, the way one speaks or what he says is humor, humorous, he says —— 

3 our children, elementary school attends in this village school, the middle school is in what the 11st middle school of plum bayou city reads aloud. The home of an average farmer, should go to school for 3 children, should attend a college for them especially, not be an easy thing really. Besides has father and mother on me two old people, this is more difficult. 20 come for years, we are education the child, read for them, have gone through hardships, it is a long story. Fortunately children try to make a good showing, make we feel very gratified. 

Our home first time transmits a good news is me the university on daughter take an examination ofing. My daughter is the old, call Jiang Guihua, unripe 1972, had become study committee member to the middle school from elementary school, took an examination of with good achievement of 523 minutes 1992 on Heilongjiang visits a business school. Had caused not minor sensation in our countryside in those days, be known as the Jin Fenghuang ” that flies off in “ careless nest. We did not enter oneself for an examination at that time experience, volunteer newspaper is low. In those days of key university admitting a line is 517 minutes. Just miss the opportunity of she and Beijing University, Tsinghua. Because the family is difficult, she is not willing to waste parental money earned by hard toil, review a year of reexamination again, went reading aloud. She ever was them the institute is the most hopeful take an examination of on the graduate student's brilliant student, but because the family is difficult,still be, her body measures our hardship, want to earn money some earlier, side parents goes to school for two little brothers, so she is in the university graduated to go to enterprise of a foreign capital of Tianjin city to work 1996, she gets married at marrying in October 2003, my son-in-law also is the brilliant student that Tsinghua graduates, in national civil aviaton total bureau works. In 3 children, she bears hardships most, the biggest to domestic contribution, made “ sacrifice ” for two little brothers. 
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