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Train two doctors to farmer husband and wife

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Transmit a good news the 2nd times, it is Beijing University of be admitted to school or college of smooth article of my cornstalk ginger. He is unripe 1974, acquire a middle school as a child, studying result basically is a class in or grade the first, 1993 when the university entrance exam, pick the laurel that took Jilin to save liberal art Number One Scholar with the good side accomplishment of 527, be fastened to admit by politics of Beijing University international. This sensation that cause is taken an examination of than my daughter attend a college mostly, city newspaper office, TV station interviews kinescope; The classmaster teacher of the president that our family still looks for to reach 11 middle school officers of our city in the province and child receives award to Changchun, reward my son 10 thousand yuan, the president 1000 yuan 2, classmaster 1000 yuan 1. Congress calls me the speech, many reporters take a picture to us, interview us that year on August 23, province TV station is in “ news has broadcasted in 5 minutes of ” this one grand occasion. In Beijing University, get first prize to learn gold year after year, obtain excellent graduate letter. Law of Beijing politics university was taken an examination of to fasten Master graduate student 1997, obtained lawyer evidence 1998, in March 2004 pass an entrance examination politics and law of Japanese Tokyo university fastens doctoral graduate student. 

Dispatch of the 3rd great rejoicing, be second child Jiang Mingwen is taken an examination of on Tsinghua. This child was born 1978, elementary school arrives middle school, study result is about the same with his elder brother, 1997 when the university entrance exam, obtain with good achievement of 632 minutes turn city (area) science department the first, take an examination of attend Tsinghua college accurate instrument is, 2001 doctor of this school of pass an entrance examination (large, rich is read, graduated 2006) graduate student. He has become a team leader in the university, fasten student union vice-chairman, joined a party 2003. 

2003, but my home has double happiness: The daughter gets married, son join or be admitted to the party. Anyhow, these year come, the certificate of merit of children is ceaseless, frequency of news of victory is passed, local peoples are right we very envy, say we are: Phoenix of three of the hatch in “ henroost, have good news ” year after year. 

Religion Yo daughter has penetrating view 

Speak of godchild experience, laojiang says ——  modestly

Our family education follows others home actually about the same, but we never beat and scold the child, common attention accomplishs little criticism to be encouraged more, notice to make model for the child, inspire child consciousness, education is child self-respect, self-prossessed with self-improvement. We think, like teaching good child to follow kind of good crop, must grab from child hour; To the child's love and education, the fertilization that should resemble pair of Xiaomiao, irrigate, weed, loosen the soil is same, want a foundation of Miao Qing's child absorb ability, right amount, provide condition and nourishment moderately, timelily, impatient be no good, desire fast do not amount to; Excessive is no good, going too far as bad as not going far enough. Of the child like growing with respect to He Xiaomiao, when they need certain nutrition and requirement, be about be willing to part with or use is devoted, that is to say, otherwise cherish principal is offerred it is academic, good on the child to read book. 
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