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Train two doctors to farmer husband and wife

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Ask us how many book the couple has studied? But “ twine strings together bean curd —— ,carry then do not rise ” . I am born in the poverty-stricken family of a many children, sibling 8, I am the second, do not have as a child little bear hardships, half agricultural technical secondary school ever had attended one year after junior high school graduates in those days, hind cultivate land of because of domestic difficulty return to one's native place of discontinue one's studying. Although such, I still become the “ scholar ” of the village and manufacturing key member in those days. My father is old manufacturing team leader, age became old let virtuous; Reached groups big 1994 to choose me to grow when the production team 1981; I let again later virtuous, make a youth dry. A married woman's parents' home of Li Jinyu of my old partner in those days very poor also, because of domestic deficient and “ ” of 10 years of convulsion is read-only be over junior high school, marry since Jiang Jia, it is the good son's wife that villagers praise all the time. She is dignified and virtuous, laborious guileless is good at housekeeping conduct financial transactions again, it is neighbour and relatives and friends admit in all, the good wife of neat boast and good mother. The ” of chapter of “ milistary exploit of my home has her one most. 

Each other of our husband and wife respects each other love, this is the important basics that teachs good child: The home is not harmonious, teach good child with respect to the influence. 

Somebody thinks our couple has certain culture, can coach child learning. Actually otherwise, with respect to us that selects culture standard, it is “ Dai Cao really difference of cap kiss —— became far ” . We cannot coach child learning, small class hour is OK still, after junior high school washed-up, rely on children completely oneself try hard. We can leave no stone unturned goes to school for them. 

I think, can teach good child, they can have prospect, the key is to teach them how to be an upright person. In this respect, of parents it is very important to teach by personal example as well as verbal instrution. Speak of this, I have to say my father. Star of my day of father a surname is an old Party member, old revolution, before liberating, join the army, ceng Can has added “ 4 protect face river ” battle, soil retires from army after liberating, be duped in the village all the time cadre. Father humanness is just, handle affairs justice, it is whole village one of old people of sainted. He is right at ordinary times children and grand children people the requirement is very strict, pay attention to teach by personal example as well as verbal instrution, teach children and grand children how to be an upright person, established model to later generations, and kept the mental money with precious brushstroke. Although he already died more than 10 years, children and grand children people return constant talk about again and again up to now he. Children in one's childhood, include me in one's childhood, he often gives children and grand children people tell family history, recall one's suffering and think over the source of present happiness, tell ethical convention, say the story of revolutionary martyr, elder and his revolution experience; My mother is laborious, kind-hearted, often also teach children and grand children people do good person, do a good work. The respect is taught in morality, my parents has taught our sibling not only 8 people, and the children that still help me had taught us. Have such good father and mother, we saved many interest twice, occasionally we emphasize “ if you must listen to grandfather grandma, ” went. My mother 80 advanced age are still living and in good health up to now. Because one's early years crosses degree of overworked, already lost the sight now. Nowadays, our couple is in the home old mother of Sino-Japanese night serve, exhaust filial piety path. 
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