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Train two doctors to farmer husband and wife

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Meanwhile, parental interest, the interest is very large to filial influence. 1993, my cornstalk studied complete province liberal art the first when, ever many people feel curious, did child of the Chaoxian nationality take an examination of Number One Scholar of Chinese liberal art how? Whether to ask I am concerned with domestic influence? I ever told them “ is concerned ” bluntly. Of course this basically is school teacher teachs well; I also have some of effect. When I go to school, what read aloud for the most part is school of the Han nationality, I like literature, like classicly, contemporarily, ever had bought the book of many this respects; Eldest son and I am same, be willing to read the book of this respect as a child; In the meantime, our home has all the time like to order the press and the habit that buy a book to look, the life is again difficult, also should squeeze bit of money to buy a book, order the press. This makes children as a child nurturance the good convention that love reads. Elegant statement is, “ one takes on the color of one's company, ” of be influenced by what one constantly sees and hears. I that a few children, especially eldest son, go out on where, the book that read wants on the belt first, the place that goes above all is a bookshop, think those who buy still is a book most, it is ” of “ bookish ” , “ book bug completely. Before a few years, I visit their elder brother to Beijing two when, they still are this appearance, last year, when I send an eldest son to go to Japan to Shenyang, the son is faced before boarding a plane, still bought  of …… of one pile book to the bookshop

In addition, I still like music and sports; My sweetheart disposition is optimistic also, do not be afraid of bear hardships, can dance of song be apt to. Our home is in the most difficult when, also have laugh and singing, as far as possible not woebegone. These, to children the disposition with cheerful nurturance has profit. 

Be certain children becomes a useful person surely 

How does respecting overcome difficulty to go to school for the child, laojiang says ——  not without deep feeling ground

We much ground of this village person is little, income is not high, besides kind there is other special local product outside rice. When the elementary school on children, because be in this village, leave home close, expenditure is little, we still can make do; City 11 in from our village many lis 40, the middle school on them gets in residence 6 this years, charge compares a year many one year; We but difficult. I and his Mom had discussed: Also want to study good book for children anyhow, it is “ is bungled ” selling iron, “ gathers up the house sells made of baked clay ” to also must offer them! Why do I think so? It is to want to call them to jump farming door, change destiny; 2 it is 3 children as a child very clever sensible, almost what of meeting teaching what, photographic, small class hour skips grade on; If they resemble us two like, that but white blind, can be buried by loess like bright phearl and gold. For fair, for illicit I should foster them at any cost, want to have this determination and will, be certain they can become a useful person certainly. 
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