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Train two doctors to farmer husband and wife

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To give child collect tuition, board and lodging cost, our what action thought. Of course, thanks to reforming and opening, we besides kind outside cropland of good grain ration and responsibility cropland, included 20 mus of paddy fields of others subcontract again; We work with respect to ground of work from dawn to night when busy season; Children also hurried back will help. Slack season, I do coolie to red Mei Zhen; Cannot find working place, my sweetheart places small vendor's stand to sell pickles (the Gao Lixian food that oneself make) , sell ice-lolly …… those years, can really some of “ wanted money not to drive sb. to his death ” , what year, section, 39, the three ten-day periods of the hot season, it is the world knives want to earn money to the child. But, so work desperately, money still is used not quite, owed many debt. The university on the eldest son that year, thanks to have 10 thousand yuan of stake, otherwise, must think method to borrow again. With respect to this 10 thousand yuan, the family dare be not moved one minute, pay the tuition fee to the son completely; New clothes cannot buy even to the eldest son. He is the  of Beijing University …… that wearing a when his uncle sends half old clothes to go up

Those years, the child also has taken many pain with us. They issue Tian Lao to move with us as a child, it is from turbid in those who climb over. Because they had experienced difficult harden oneself, basic nurturance the good convention of free-standing, self-improvement. So they go to school particularly assiduous and diligent, know economical. To reduce our burden, when the middle school on them, on Sunday, holiday should run back to the home to help us work; Get on an university to be able to work in try every means of after school time, or make bit of money when interpreter and tourist guide; Be in occasionally holiday, the eldest son returns recapture of data of article of a day that translates to the family, Han to come, 3 people do sister younger brother separately. 

Mix for repay a debt study good book for children, our couple worked to South Korea through exporting a service 1996. I did construction work 3 years, go out namely actually energetically, family homeland person does not want dry dirty work, tired work, we goes working; His Mom did handyman 6 years in the restaurant, upright bowl, wash dish what to had worked. During this, my daughter basically relies on to take care of her in the home two little brothers, the mother is taken care of by my little brother. This also is be driven to join the Liangshan Mountain rebels; Many years old 50, retire to “ soon the age of ” , leave his native place even go working to exotic an alien land, although be sufferred from again,work in Korea tired, but it is sweet in our heart, be full of a hope to children, made a few money, paid off debt, ensured sons to go to school read. 

My home it may be said is used up painstakingly now sweet come, two sons are read grind already need not we spend money. They still can give us to send money through work and saving fellowship; The money that sends is enough we spend twice; Children people very filial piety heart, often grandma of incoming telegram greeting and we, year the section comes home to want old person of give presents of thing of try to win sb's favor, enjoin us to maintain well the body, how to spend old age, spend joyfully old age, still call us to travel to each district scenic spot …… 
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