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Dissolve a son successfully to love the crisis early

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Do not have a few days, when I open child drawer again, those letters had been done not have, they were found in rubbish bag later, just pile a fragment nevertheless just. Look at the scrip of multicoloured, my on the sly is happy.

In was being passed with outstanding achievement when the son, take an examination of, after the admission notice that receives key high school, the fellow student that I allow a son to be close friends my arrives home please in come be a guest, have that girl among them. The girl is very lively and easy, she carries the beverage in the hand, must respect me a cup, and I promise beg she a thing. Ground of my some doubt looks at her. What she says to ask me to allow her to become a son is prentice. when in me one face is surprised, the classmate says rapidly, because the son is helping homework of her take lessons after school all the time, original achievement is not she very good is taken an examination of successfully this went up key high school, so, she says she wants all one's life to call a son the master.

Look at the girl the sunshine of one face and pure, I break rules will chaliced wine quaff. I laughed, laugh very happily with the calm, also be all youths' colorful life for the son.

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