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Family education enrols Yo to give flower of haing Buddha sister quite

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Everybody knows, ha Fo's MBA is the degree that has value most. Accordingly, enter oneself for an examination Ha Fo's competition is most intense also, our country counts a person every year to apply for to only a few people can be passed. And a pair of sisters that come from average household, take an examination of the MBA that went up to breath out Buddha early or late however, the haing Buddha sister that makes be worthy of the name is beautiful.

What make person strange especially is, little sister in one's childhood achievement is not particularly exceedingly good, before attending even the class even 5 are not entered. ” of what “ unique skill do they have? How does parents teach them again?

The edge sees TV edge do work, ” of such “ abuse also is encouraged

The Gong Xiaofan of industrial and commercial bureau of Hunan beneficial in relief city has two daughters. Big daughter calls Gong Yanyan, young daughter calls Gong Zhizhi, the elder sister is bigger than the little sister 6 years old.

When daughters are young, gong Xiaofan's think of a way is very simple, hope they grow healthily only, live carefreely. Accordingly, gong Xiaofan did not resemble numerous hope children will have a bright future, the father and mother that visits female Cheng Feng is same, devise the way of the grow into useful timber of brilliant ” of a “ , ground of leave no stone unturned supervises and urge daughters are on ” of “ the right path. Everyday, gong Xiaofan comes off work come home the happiest thing, amuse children to play namely. He often bends over to make game with the daughter on the ground, be returned even and who scrambles daughter race quickly. Father daughter two mischievous, happy look, often amuse so that the wife bursts out laughing.

Be brought up gradually as children, gong Xiaofan begins to pay attention to education child's good moral character. He never enforces the idea that the daughter accepts her, what truth should be told so that they are sincerely convinced. He thinks educational children is parental right, but the right is not grade, not be absolute reason more. To strengthen the communication with daughters, gong Xiaofan exhausted method —— sees the daughter likes to see fairy tale, hear a story, he often buys book, taletelling to the daughter. And every time redemptive storybook, comic, no matter the work is much busy, gong Xiaofan should smoke time to look carefully on one times first, explain in detail to children next, the problem of all sorts of all kinds of strange things that answer them to put forward.

Gong Xiaofan not only do his utmost to respect the child, still ask the wife also endeavors to accomplish. At ordinary times, the wife often is talking about rebuke child subconsciously, he makes eyes suggestion is prevented. To respect the child's opinion, the “ that he plays an a few others to look mysterious even faints action ” comes.
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