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Family education enrols Yo to give flower of haing Buddha sister quite

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After Gong Yanyan goes to school, have period of time, gong Xiaofan's wife always is try every means dresses up the daughter a bit more beautifully, dan Gongyan Yan does not get mom's feeling however, be troubled by should wear the dress that oneself like. Mother and daughter two often produce discomfort for this. See daughter “ is not obedient ” , the mother feels very sad. Dan Gongxiao sail thinks because the child was brought up,this is however, have definite idea, say to the wife accordingly, not be a dress, do not happily why on earth, go along with her! He still is carrying a daughter on the back to say to the wife, we should let the child have authority choice, want to respect the daughter's opinion. Persuade in his below, the “ war ” between this mother and daughter ends with the daughter's victory unexpectedly.

Gong Yanyan is very small like to watch TV, like to see cartoon especially, " clever rest " " jib A Tongmu " the childhood that waits to give her brought not little joy. Later, study is gradually nervous, gong Yanyan also did not decrease to the infatuate a bit of TV.

The mother urges her to do work, she moves the chair to the front of the television, the edge sees TV edge do work. Just began, gong Xiaofan is afraid very to this kind of bad habit of the daughter, adjuration she finishs first work watchs TV again. Can shut a television quiet, gong Yanyan is static instead however no less than hearts come because —— often is remembering with concern the gut of cartoon in her heart. Gong Yanyan subdues the ground to say to Gong Xiaofan: “ pa, shut a television I do no less than going to! TV edge looks to still do exercise some more quickly by the side of me, do not believe you to check. ” Gong Xiaofan thinks the daughter is to look for excuse, believe far from at the beginning. But be sincerely convinced to let a daughter, he still gave a daughter to prove his opportunity. Doing not have those who think of is, on the sly of Gong dawn sail detected a few times repeatedly, discover daughter edge sees line of business of TV edge affectation unexpectedly, efficiency if really quite tall still. His heart thinks, the likelihood is the learning environment that the daughter was used to TV to leaving, it is subconscious that she sees what TV uses, and what feigned course of study uses however is cerebrum, both impact is not big. Then, to the daughter the “ abuse ” in eye of this other people, he also no longer with “ of one mind cannot 2 try for reason with ” block the way. Later, young daughter Gong Zhizhi unexpectedly this “ the elder sister is distinctive functional ” is successive come down, although be before final, she does not let off the cartoon that she likes.

So optional to Gong Xiaofan ground by move the child's strength, a lot of kin feel such “ faint ” family education is adverse to dot. Gong Xiaofan objects however, the problem that he feels an if it were not for is principle, value the child's option, the self-confident heart to modelling the child and the definite idea that develop the child are actually old good part. And still can let the child learn to be in charge of to his choice so, make the child forms sense of responsibility.
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