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When Gong Yanyan reads junior high school, check a technical secondary school special heat, the school arranges a lot of classmates to attend the specialty of and so on of music, art, sports to groom, gong Yanyan also is attended music to groom by arrangement. After learning two months, gong Yanyan did not want to go, hesitated good a period of time, hearten eventually the idea that comes home to speak of oneself with father. Gong Xiaofan did not consider carefully to agree.

Young daughter Gong Zhizhi is particularly hospitable, often invite a classmate to come the amuse oneself in the home. Arrive have a holiday, the daughter is taking girl of one swarm boy be troubled by so that crossed a day in the home. Gong Xiaofan's wife often is chattering to call a daughter a bit more gentle and quiet: Of Home “ girl, belt so one swarm person fights be like the ground to be chased after run, resemble what appearance! ”Gong Xiaofan objects immediately: “ Zhi flags, irrespective, dot wants namely a bit more lively. ” feels because of him, the child can have his association circle, it is a very good thing, such more be helpful for the child grow and mental health.

The fact proves, the thought that daughter of esteem of Gong dawn sail chooses does not have wrong — to be in of father how-to below, two daughter comparing are the same as commonly age the child is more free-standing, more sensible. Especially Gong Yanyan, her study result makes a person look at with new eyes, acquire junior high school, high school as a child, she is the first on the class.

Do not fill ” of long leg of filling “ of ” of “ short leg, slant section grade is caught up with

But, the study of young daughter Gong Zhizhi is good in that way without the elder sister however, often give bit of small state. Nevertheless, gong Xiaofan has strange move to cope with her oneself.

Gong Zhizhi likes to read a few mind the book of take a sudden turn, beat via often coming with a few strange problems father, and often because this is self-satisfied. The elementary school on her 3 grade when, a day, gong Xiaofan gives her taletelling, the bird that he rises early with “ has bug to eat ” to come figure explains, requirement daughter “ sleeps early rise early ” . Do not think, gong Zhizhi came unexpectedly a brains take a sudden turn: “ is incorrect! Early rise bird has bug to eat, the insect that can rise early is eaten by the bird however. ” Gong Xiaofan listens, say to her sharply: What take a sudden turn tells “ brains people is angle of a kind of thinking, not be informal turn things upside down uses very important person! ” did not think of Gong Zhizhi says ill-affectedly however: “ father, yourself head turns to come nevertheless, do not criticize me! ” Gong Xiaofan thinks, if cannot say the daughter,get be convinced of profess to convinced today, she brains of this “ take a sudden turn ” turns to come nevertheless with respect to affirmation.
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