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Family education enrols Yo to give flower of haing Buddha sister quite

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Brainwave of Gong dawn sail easily, say to the daughter: I give “ the title of take a sudden turn comes to a brains one's deceased father take an examination of you, do not answer to come up you are about listen to me, later must not again careless take a sudden turn. ”Head of Gong Zhi banner one raise: “ is taken an examination of take an examination of! ”

Gong Xiaofan takes pot of a glass, the walnut that calls a daughter to go up with the table jar replete. Gong Zhizhi is shaking at the same time jar, install at the same time. See the daughter exerts all his strength to fill in jar completely, gong Xiaofan asks her: Is “ replete? ”Gong Zhizhi says for certain: “ is replete. ”

Gong Xiaofan takes one pouch sesame seed, gently jolty jar, sesame seed down the interstitial cram between walnut. Gong Zhizhi suddenly be enlightened: I knew “ ! ” Gong Xiaofan asks again: “ did that become full not? ”“ is full. ”

Gong Xiaofan dip comes a cup of water, irrigated go up, also came out without excessive. Gong Xiaofan asks: “ are you convinced now? Of Gong Gong of face of banner of ” Gong Zhi, eventually low first. Gong Xiaofan seizes the opportunity to tell a truth with the daughter: “ person resembles a container, cannot complacent, complacent hold no less than things, cannot accept new intellectual ……”

From now on, gong Zhizhi again not self-righteous also random cerebrate take a sudden turn.

After rising junior high, science department achievement of Gong Zhizhi is not auspicious, because this pulled the hind leg of whole subject, take an exam every time, her achievement wanders in class from beginning to end 5 to 9 between. Although criticism never offers to her in the home, but live in the Gong Zhizhi that outstanding achievement aureola plays the elder sister, felt very great pressure however, she wants to catch up with science department achievement desperately, can learn more so the more bad, see science department textbook is cowardly even. That day, some lose ground is opposite Gong Zhizhi father say: “ father, look it is impossible that I should become the best of its kind on the class to be born! ”

Actually, gong Xiaofan slants to daughter achievement the division is early worry somewhat. But considering the daughter at ordinary times very diligent also, achievement still calculates on the class entered front row, the heart thinks what study a method well to the child meets him fumble slowly, also was not interfered too much and supervise and urge. But this, the daughter's word lets Gong Xiaofan in the heart suddenly one Jing —— is bad, the daughter produces self-abased psychology!

Gong Xiaofan was to comfort a daughter one time first, want her not anxious, look for a teacher to discuss next. The teacher suggests to say, liberal art achievement of Gong Zhizhi is good, the class studies by oneself in scheduled time after, classes are over the time after coming home, can do the exercise of bit of liberal art less, fill more filling science department. Then, gong Zhizhi wants science department of daughter aggrandizement take lessons after school by the teacher's proposal.
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