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Family education enrols Yo to give flower of haing Buddha sister quite

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After period of time, gong Xiaofan discovers a daughter not only did not improve, instead continuously ground complains science department is too difficult, learn not to go in. Gong Xiaofan feels to go down so is not a method, oneself seek the way that solves a problem. He thinks, spend a large number of time on science department so with its, the homework still cannot be caught up with, still be inferior to using time on liberal art, learn liberal art more risk a needle some.

Then, he asks the daughter changes strategy, learn liberal art more, left grade of liberal art of good target —— to the daughter every must the first, and to science department achievement, ask she learns ABC only solid, the level waits to calculate the task that finish in entering a class to go up. Subsequently, gong Xiaofan still finds science teacher of the daughter, the difficult question when requirement teacher attends class does not quiz to the daughter, simple question can let her reply more.

In Gong Xiaofan of ” of cox of this barpque “ operate below, gong Zhizhi begins to shift the emphasis that learns energy to liberal art study. such, endowment of liberal art study shows completely come out: Her memory is amazing, back English word, mark point of liberal art knowledge, all without exception is on the class be far ahead, take an exam a lot of times, full marks of her door of door of liberal art achievement! The success of liberal art aroused her self-confident heart, gradually, the ill feeling of be disgusted with that she learns to science department was eliminated, had fun at, science department achievement also was driven slowly come up, become a class to go up most the student that risks a needle.

such, gong Zhizhi overcomes self-abased psychology, caught up with slant the ” of “ short leg of the division. From now on, her study all the way Gao Ge, achievement rises sharply. When junior high school graduates, gong Zhizhi with tower above the 2nd achievement of 27 minutes, one's deceased father went up the beneficial in relief city that the elder sister once read one in.

Avaricious ” of apolaustic daughter “ is insufficient, harvest flower of sister of a pair of haing Buddha

When fast graduation of high school of Yan of big daughter Gongyan, the staff member of two recruit students of Wuhan university will to beneficial Yang Yizhong recruit recommend unripe. This year Wuhan university divides beneficial in relief city to recommend mediumly unripe index has only, and it is Gong Yanyan of science department —— those who read is liberal art. The staff member is inspecting a process in, after knowing Gong Yanyan's exceedingly good study result, continuously ground speaks highly of her too outstanding. They say regretfully, if Gong Yanyan does not read to Wuhan university, it is a loss of the school really. After half month, of university of a Wuhan " recommend unripe recruit a watch " sent beneficial Yang Yizhong, there is Gong Yanyan's name awesomely on the watch. Original, recruit students staff member hurrieds back after Wuhan, introduced Gong Yanyan's case in detail to the school designedly. For this, wuhan university held administrative affairs of a school or college technically to meet, the decision breaks rules she recommends index. However, surprising is, face the form that a lot of this students long for day and night, gong Yanyan shakes unexpectedly shake one's head say: I do not go to “ , I should read Beijing University! One character of ” goes out already, teacher, classmate is open-eyed unceasingly. Classmaster feels she is junior and flighty, thresh her job, want her to cherish an opportunity. Ke Gongyan Yan or decision are not Beijing University to be not read!
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