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This day night, gong Yanyan returns the home in, the issue that rejects oneself to recommend told dad. Does the daughter abandon reading the opportunity of Wuhan university so? Gong Xiaofan also is in in feel uncertain —— actually in the heart that time, one's deceased father attend a college already special not easy, it is the Wuhan university with countrywide vessel renowned vessel what is more,the rather that more; Besides, teacher, relatives and friends can be persuaded, through so one do sth over and over again, psychological pressure of the daughter can be increased for certain, can take an examination of a what kind of achievement to return to moment very it's hard to say. But, these thought stayed a few minutes in his heart merely, gong Xiaofan hits calm idea to want to since the daughter has such lofty sentiments,support daughter —— lofty ideal, where is the how can you pull her hind leg that becomes father? Then his cock thumb encourages a daughter to say: “ is good! We should be read read best university! Father believes you can be taken an examination of on Beijing University. ”Father's support makes Gong Yanyan glad unceasingly.

As expected as expected, two ideas just decided father daughter, neighbour of staff of Gong Xiaofan unit, neighbor and close friends, all hears the news run when a persuasive talker. Somebody euphemize: University of Wuhan of “ other people a good intention, how can you refuse? ”Someone says more directly: “ Wuhan university also is countrywide top university, can recommend to be read.

To moment also may not can be taken an examination of certainly on Beijing University. ” also somebody rings alarm bell even: “ person wants content with one's lot, not too avaricious. ”Where of Dan Gongxiao sail can be persuaded by these or so, he says: The idea that “ child has him is meddlesome, she wants to read Beijing University, I want to support of course! ” sees Gong Xiaofan and daughter are same, ” of such “ avaricious inadequacy, everybody is shaking the head went. Although the person went, but the comment of backside is continueing however. A little narrow-minded even person returns rearward gossip: “ wait and see, see that child can check a what school, do not take an examination of even Wuhan university to moment on, they can regret dead definitely! ” Gong Xiaofan does not have justifiable meeting, it is try every means eases psychological pressure for the daughter only, inspire her confidence.

Before long, in unified exam of high school graduation, gong Yanyan obtained entire school to always distribute first good success. Perhaps be good luck coincidence, beijing University also has in Hunan in those days recommend unripe quota of people. Beneficial Yang Yizhong feels Gong Yanyan is rare handsome appearance really, recommended her to Beijing University. Final, gong Yanyan passes examine and verify successfully, became Beijing University fortunately recommend unripe.
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