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Family education enrols Yo to give flower of haing Buddha sister quite

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Like Gongyan Yan legend go to school experience, pass in relatives and friends, neighbour and colleague for a story pasted on with approval. This aroused the emulative heart of Gong Zhizhi of —— of daughter of Gong Jia another, this still is going up the little girl of 6 grade spoke elementary school — of a brave words—I should get on “ Ha Fo! ” young daughter speaks the word of ” of such “ have an exaggerated opinion of one's abilities in public, changed other other people, may be wanted by admonitory “ a bit modester! Sail listens to ” Ke Gongxiao finish is extremely glad, continuously ground praises what he wants daughter —— to want the child to have this lofty sentiments namely.

After Beijing University spends study time of 4 years, gongyan Yan pass an entrance examination graduate student of institute of finance of Chinese people bank. After the Master graduates, she allocates in China construction bank head office works. After 3 years, the ideal —— when Gong Yanyan realized little sister elementary school is taken an examination of went up the MBA of business school of American haing Buddha, won the scholarship of 75 thousand dollar.

And banner of Zhi of little sister Gong also obtained favorable result a few this years, when the university entrance exam she with Hunan Province liberal art the 3rd achievement is taken an examination of went up Beijing University. When the Ha Fo on elder sister take an examination ofing, gong Zhizhi just graduates from Beijing University. Meantime, gong Zhizhi already was admitted to be a graduate student by two universities of England, what returning among them is complete flower before the rank 5 university.

See the elder sister takes an examination of the MBA that went up to breath out Buddha, gong Zhizhi is bold and inhibited also. When her from understanding arrives over there the elder sister enter oneself for an examination after Ha Fo MBA must have working experience of 3 years, for as early as possible qualified enter oneself for an examination Ha Fo's MBA, gong Zhizhi resolutely the opportunity that the decision forgoes reading a graduate student to England.

Then, be similar to Yan Yan of elder sister Gong to abandon Wuhan university recommending the setting like index appeared — is numerous relatives and friends is persuaded again, yao Gongzhi flags or do not abandon going to England reading a graduate student, it is complete England ranks the university of the 5th then after all. Need not say, this, gong Xiaofan still is opposite the attitude that avaricious ” took the daughter's “ to support.

Below father's support, gong Zhizhi entered Beijing's famous finance to invest company of the gold in company —— to work. Although enjoy rich and generous treatment, dan Gongzhi flags to did not loosen his to take an examination of Ha Fo's Na Genxian, she works hard at the same time, learn hard at the same time, prepare for the exam after 3 years.
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