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Case of success of teacher and student of Mr. Zhang physics

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Kou Tongxue, beijing learns in 101 experiments, first 3 grade student.

A month is taken an examination of to accept in drawing near coach. The result in imitate is studied many minutes 40 in first time, in the heart very anxious. Ask the physics inside a month is hopeful still? Be informed through introduce and chatting, knowledge of this classmate electricity is very fragile, basic knowledge uses even electricity not agile, electricity thinking was not built. Encounter electricity problem to have a headache, in the first imitate, electricity knowledge notchs rate is very low.

Be aimed at this kind of circumstance, the consideration should be taken an examination of in classmate drawing near have a month only, study is relatively nervous, want to study physics not only, other subject also should learn. Accordingly, the proposal coachs 3 times every week, in all 12, give priority to with electricity knowledge, physical knowledge is taken an examination of in give attention to two or morethings, cent pace undertakes. The first pace, from electricity basic idea proceed with, by shallow enter deep the issue that seeks regularity from inside typical example, undertake the summary of regularity, build the main train of thought that solves physical problem. The 2nd pace, through inscribing much solution, use physical law neatly, the economic time that solve a problem had farther control to electricity. The 3rd pace, build the regular habit that solve a problem, will complex issue turns into simple question. The picture gives equivalent circuit picture, the place in making clear a problem knows physical quantity, from can arrive not to lose cent to undertake farther aggrandizement, in avoiding, take an examination of lose cent. The 4th pace, through the analysis in last few years in take an examination of heat, with the life adjacent physical electricity problem undertakes train and explaining. The attention solves the problem that should note when the problem, build the correct thinking that solve a problem. Through training discovery, he discovers electricity field the confidence that understands a problem, be absent have a headache to electric knowledge is inscribed and can solve electricity problem smoothly, the effect is very apparent. The 5th pace, in be aimed at, take an examination of imitate examination paper is taken an examination of in doing, undertake aggrandizement trains. After training through a few, he tells me self-confidently: “ he fears no longer physical exam ” . Do previously it is good that in the classmate all round him original achievement compares him, his accuracy rate that become a problem exceeded other classmate with the speed that become a problem now. In exam of the last imitate, achieved the result that controls nearly 80 minutes.

The experience of school teacher and student with old course is knowable: The student of curious to having desire, when study method is undeserved, need somebody to be helped really, teach train of thought, if try,the effort of oneself can have the flight of advance rapidly certainly.
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