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"Fool " become a brilliant student unexpectedly

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Severity invites his fear school

When Zhang Jian course of study is 6 years old, mom sends piano teacher home Li Xueqin him, still have with what he learns musical instrument together a few with him about the same big little boy. The happy feeling of Zhang Jian course of study is very good, but hand form often does not accord with the teacher's requirement however. Severe teacher saw berate him, still lay his little hand with feet. That pair of earnest expression to the teacher and strict education means produce Zhang Jian course of study awe-stricken feeling, as a result formed conditional reflex later, want to see teacher mood is nervous only, little hand quivers, jump over insecurity to be played more bad. Learned before long, the teacher washed out him flintily.

This experience was his unripe bury alive later to play a little hidden danger. Zhang Jian course of study went to school, just go to school still be less than two months, the teacher discovers his eye amblyopia. Mom takes him to treat. During cure, because Zhang Jian course of study loses sight of the word on blackboard, learn to suffer an effect badly, dou Liang of two homeworks when result midterm had red light, this became ” of handle of a “ . In teacher eye, he also became the difference of a hopeless to be born with respect to of course ground. Go up as a result of teacher one's words despise caused the classmate on the class to discriminate against him, aloof him, bully him even. Classes are over on the road, some classmates are despiteful he, reave his satchel, return some to throwing clod toward his body at the same time, crying at the same time: “ fool, make fool quickly! ” is in teacher eye, he became ” of famous “ wood head.

After fame of his “ fool ” is passed, some teachers classmate embarrasses with him everywhere, and repel from mentally because of these people he, make piece of psychosis that builds line of business worse and worse, his be disgusted with learns, and be regarded as by the teacher cannot move taught student. In 6 years of time of elementary school, he turned 4 schools, he felt extreme disappointment to the school, study result falls very quickly like diving. Whenever the teacher brings a lawsuit against hind, father is being enraged urgent under with respect to course of study of Zhang Jian of meeting good beat.

Zhang Jian course of study was full of fear to the school, was full of detest. He does not wish to go to school. He thinks, if do not go going to school, it is good that mom won't be blamed again. Begin, he installs collywobbles. Can be “ good ” hind, he is returned so that go to school. One day, he sees grandfather sweeny, left hand palm is controlled not the dwelling place is asp. He thinks, if the hand trembles so that do not take a pen, mom won't let me go to school.
The following day in the morning, mom calls Zhang Jian course of study to get up go to school, discover his both hands is asp and more than, psyched out, send him to go to a hospital rapidly. The doctor plunges into acupuncture to him, in succession pitched half month. Give or have an acupuncture treatment is honest too painful, zhang Jian industry is forced to go to school, he feels spellbound really.
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