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"Fool " become a brilliant student unexpectedly

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To kip feign madness

How does ability escape truly go to school? His the three unities from teleplay is inspired, perhaps install the outlet that mad ability is only. A day, zhang Jian course of study as expected “ mad ” , he is installed extremely picture, did not know even father mother, piano won't be played, the bicycle also won't ride, connect 10 above add subtration to won't be done. His with hair dishevelled stays to sit slow-wittedly on the bed, a little while shout, a little while abracadabra. Father mother looks at all these bitterly, can sigh only him life is bitter.

Parents is helpless, be obliged to send Zhang Jian course of study to bughouse hospitalization. Zhang Jian course of study thinks innocently: “ be in hospital need not go to school, still can watch TV, also need not install the look that gets act as a lunatic everyday. ” but, after when Zhang Jian course of study is sent into mental hospital, feel here atmosphere is not right, the imagination with him is different, he thinks mom, wanted to come home. Clever Zhang Jian course of study must cooperate doctor “ to treat ” , after two months, the doctor thinks remedial with the proper method, think Zhang Jian course of study returned to normal, allow Zhang Jian course of study came back.

Good-tempered with encourage send matriculate door him

That is an accidental opportunity, the educational issue ” that Zhang Jian learns to ask city fancy teacher Mr. Wang Gongzhen to tell “ double difference to be born in place of course of study. Mr. Wang says: “ what is double difference is born? This kind differentiates itself is a mistake, without poor student, have poor teacher only, the thing that the teacher teachs a student should be hope …… forever”

After hearing a report, of Zhang Jian course of study parental acquired connection with Mr. Wang, mr. Wang prepares to let Zhang Jian course of study arrive home first in will see see him. Zhang Jian enterprise came the home of Mr. Wang as agreed upon. Zhang Jian industry says: You do not save “ I, you cannot save me. ” king teacher is looking attentively at him with tender look, say: “ the child that you are me, you should go heaven, my for company you; You should issue hell, I also issue hell. You think dead, but be contradictory in your heart, because still one is plant,the thing that calls ‘ hope ’ is attracting you, otherwise, you won't come here. ” at that time, zhang Jian course of study was stupefied, there still is such “ on the world foolish teacher ” , because be in the experience of Zhang Jian course of study,was full of a teacher all sorts of sneering at, mix caustically mock. Zhang Jian thinks in heart of course of study, still think to there still is the sort of thing that calls “ hope ” in my heart without the person up to now as a child.

After a few days, zhang Jian enterprise came the home of Mr. Wang again, push open the door, he discovers to there are a few pieces of young faces in house, they are having say to have dumpling of bag laugh the ground, these youths are the student of Mr. Wang. Saw him, everybody is embraced very enthusiasticly come up greet sb, invite him to wrap dumpling together, the Zhang Jian course of study that hopes communication also yearns for friendship felt the excitement that never has had and joy in unrestrained Tanxiao.
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