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"Fool " become a brilliant student unexpectedly

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Another day when in Zhang Jian enterprise comes Mr. Wang home night, the ground takes out Mr. Wang smilingly in those days in take an examination of examination paper to say: Do we do “ together these examination paper? See you can take how many minutes. This resembles ” a game, zhang Jian is done very easily. Result, did not think of to get many minutes 300 unexpectedly. Mr. Wang says gladly: Course of study of “ Zhang Jian, you go really! Want hard only, you can go up certainly Beijing University. ”

Zhang Jian course of study thinks oneself auditive mishear, dozen from course of study of “ Zhang Jian has said without the person after entering the school, you go really ” , teacher and classmate had not said, father and mom also had not said, do not have a person to think he is hopeful more one's deceased father attend a college. Later, zhang Jian course of study became a student on Mr. Wang class. Just termed begins before long, enter into an election contest on the class cadre, mr. Wang asks Zhang Jian course of study wants not to want to attend enter into an election contest. Zhang Jian industry says hesitantly: “ thinks is to want, can our bank? I never had become class cadre. ”“ goes, have a try, perhaps you can go. ” king teacher encourages the ground to say.

Then, course of study signed up Zhang Jian to prepare to enter into an election contest propagandist committee member. Enter into an election contest began, zhang Jian course of study is very nervous, he goes to dais, smiling to nod toward him at the back of discover Mr. Wang sits in the classroom, that look is telling him clearly: “ does not want to be afraid of, you can go. He heats up ” in the heart immediately, intense sentiment got alleviating at a draught. His enthusiasm with him, eloquence, self-confident, scored unexpected success, won an applause of attendant audience. More of unexpected is, when polling, mr. Wang stands up cast him one ticket. Zhang Jian course of study felt the self-confidence that never has had, he begins to feel, he should follow the life break with in the past, cross a kind active, proud life.

Later, zhang Jian course of study with high component by Beijing a key university is admitted. In the university, he is to be able to be sung, can jump, the activist that can say, still be the leading light of group of school amateur modern drama. Today, when you see Zhang Jian line of business again, he had become to be full of the self-confident, undergraduate that was full of vigor.

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