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Contemporary undergraduate aspirations (3) !

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Have very the family education of hope of —— of family education center of rubbish! Be located in near campus of thin west lake

I am in he the job of the dry registering family education there, it is the contract that signed on April 24, signed half an year, expire to October 24 namely, made 200 yuan deposit at the same time, disgusting king boss (from lord teacher) reason searchs not to retreat 200 yuan to me however after expiring! ! The ground that he seeks is: My summer vacation did not come! Be disgusting! ! I do not have summer vacation other issue, say when to signing a contract at that time, also did not say summer vacation wants to come again.

Still have, what I register this alive is the parent's circumstance, say to register a success to give me 30 yuan on the contract of original autograph,

Disgusting fellow says to in campus of thin west lake the doorway registers a success when getting pay however 20 yuan! ! ! My …… my anger!

Broad student, can want to be careful! Must not go he there seek family education, rubbish! !

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