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Review want in a planned way, should learn timely adjust----Of parent of a stude

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The child has a holiday to already had 11 days, cross them 4 days to want to begin again again new round go all out in work. People is drunk still did not wake in year, tall the students of 3 however year doze dare be not hit.

In 11 days, although the child everyday never discontinuous see English film in the original " 6 people go " , not discontinuous hear Euramerican and popular song, not discontinuous jump ten minutes everyday Latin, experienced ten minutes of gem gal, still saw the program of evening party of partial Spring Festival, but little yield results in work is done not have however below child hand. Take the advantage of have a meal make visit one time, results of battle is passable: The subject of imitate of 10 manage put together that classmaster arranges, 10 a cycle of songs in a traditional opera learn imitate to inscribe; The winter vacation that each division teacher arranges works a certain number of. So rich and generous results, make me again and again sip tongue.

Before remembering the child has a holiday, ever made revise a plan, I break up to contrast at once the examination plans to carry out a circumstance. The plan is written with epistolary form, the teacher on the meeting sends the parent the letter. Write a letter to the parent, the school is decorated, I offer content. It before the child carries a pen to write a letter, ask what I write is good to before the child carries a pen to write a letter, ask what I write, I tell the child and old Mom to need not be stirred, will nod honest, revise a plan with respect to the winter vacation that keep a share! The child accepted my proposal as expected.

The letter that the parent gets on the meeting, be placed all the time at the same time. Not be not to want to contrast examination, it is to see the child is busying everyday the task that the teacher assigns, just know to cannot press original plan completely to carry out at all. See the smile that the child gives because of finishing major task to burst today, ability dare take a letter to come out to read aloud, and state ahead of schedule do not check to contrast, just see plan and change have how old difference.

Mom is good:

Although the 3rd times the assembly accomplishment of lunar take an examination ofing lets me step,left a heart, but the grade rank that everybody forecasts or the mood that did not let me are very good. Look reach everybody is in progress, and my effort appears insufficient.

Holiday has 15 days only. Mr. Liu him teacher left imitate of imitate of article of 6 polite formula, 10 manage put together, 10 a cycle of songs in a traditional opera to learn imitate, everyday 20 English. Only how many when before 3 26 imitate problem is used with respect to bad estimation.

Myself still is arranged somewhat. Manage is changed try hard as far as possible the note that make uniform goes, predict every division wants to spend on one diurnal time ability to connect piece read note. English also needs the fragmentary fault problem that will go to undertake arranging, summary, record, this job may look for idle beyond time to undertake.
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