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Evening of middle and primary school studies by oneself in scheduled time coach

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News content: Half of past of new term of before you can say Jack Robinson, classmates still are in nervous and busy study. Serve as the parent you, the study result that whether is the child not beautiful and pained? Is mischievous cannot complete work and Where is at the end of one's wits? Whether to work because of you too busy and be too busy the study of attend to child? Whether are you coaching does ability not equal to one's ambition feel when the child's exercise? If so, ask you to be at ease give the child we, we protect good ship for the school work of your child certainly, good helm!

Phase of middle and primary school, it is the hinge that student learning produces differentiation the most easily period, the not ideal meeting that studies result causes a student to produce be disgusted with learn psychology, when Jiashangping mix in the evening a few parent is scanty to the child on the weekend coach at management and significant lesson, a few children wallow in and wander between Internet bar and game hall, cause school work bedraggled. And use evening and it is very necessary that to the student the fill a vacancy that check leakage, aggrandizement rises on the weekend.

Network of Yangzhou family education establishs 2004, via indefatigable effort, those who got student and parents is general approbate! Much and it is difficult to be aimed at student homework this one problem, this coaching the center faces pupil, junior high school to give birth to open now “ middle and primary school studies by oneself in scheduled time late coach class ” and “ on the weekend aggrandizement class ” . You can put what a person's mind sends us the child to coach the center comes, everyday by us each division teacher stays in the office to coach man-to-manly in the evening, ensure the student completes the work that school teacher assigns, undertake checking to exercise in finished state, discover a problem, seasonable emend, intellectual gaps and omissions, fill instantly on, solve what learned that day in time all sorts of difficult problem, the knowledge that ensures the student consolidates classroom place learns, improve the study result of students. In time abundant circumstance falls, every night we still can be aimed at a student not durable knowledge drop masters to undertake retrospective reviewing before each inflict, the student with good foundation, we can guide our below prepare lessons before class paragraphic, strive for let every student accomplish “ to review, 3 link synchronism undertakes ” of study, prepare lessons before class, obtain first-rate study result. And to slanting the student of the division, besides use at ordinary times the time in the evening coachs integratedly outside whole family, we ask to had better pack an a bit time even on the weekend, will attend class of our strong on the weekend chemical be used to, our teacher meets what have specific aim in the light of fragile course of the student coach, come out the intellectual dot abstraction that in coaching at ordinary times, often makes a mistake to form special subject, undertake special training.
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