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Your child is true " stupid "

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“ does not have method, this child is really stupid, how to teach won't. ”

Xiaoming of Home “ my home is not as small as Li Jia Gang Congming, really urgent the dead. ”

The parent often ground of such have no alternative bemoan.

Your child is really stupid, or be not as clever as other child? That why although some children are some poorer on arithmetic, the paper that make is versed in however pretty is be expert at; Although some children are tacit, dance sing very pretty however ……

After all what is intellective? The multivariate and intellective theory of Jiadengna of professor of college of American development psychologist, haing Buddha explains for us so: Everybody the body is existing 7 kinds of intelligence, they are language intelligence, poet, writer this ability height develops; Mathematical logic is intellective; Dimensional intelligence, jack-tar, engineer, surgeon, sculptor, painter waits to have the dimensional intelligence that develops highly; Musical intelligence, have very tall music intelligence like Mozart; Body movement is intellective, dancer, athlete, surgeon waits to show the body movement intelligence that develops highly; The 6th kind is human relation intelligence, understand the ability of other namely, cacique of doctor of the distributors that succeeds for instance, politician, teacher, psychology, religion; The 7th kind is ego understanding intelligence. These 7 kinds of intelligence go up to be combined with different kind, different level personally in everybody, make the intelligence of everybody provides a characteristic each, every cheeper has his advantage intelligence and weak force intelligence, ” of stupid without “ child exists, also be between the child and child should not try transverse relative.

We cannot say 7 kinds of intelligence which kind of very important, which kind of not important, they are in coequal and significant position, so very Qiu Jier of it's hard to say, Mozart, Einstein, Picasso, Jordan, who is cleverer?

Often from language intelligence and mathematical logic intelligence angle sees parental evaluation child, appeared so afore-mentioned error.

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