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How to foster competitive consciousness of the child?

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U.N. Educational points out to the whole world: Will today's children be in “ what kind of education ought to 21 centuries live and working …… provide to them? ”

The development of market economy, of intellectual economy concept put forward, global economic integration, the society changes speed aggravate, more and more apparent ground behaves the argue of comprehensive national power the argue of the quality of humanness. In this kind big environment falls, people more and more the value that realizes the competitive consciousness that fosters children adolescent and competitive ability.
Let child “ learn competitive ” , the competitive consciousness that rears the child and competitive ability become a when current family teachs serious content.
The education of children competition consciousness must come true through openly education, insist to train in daily life, job, study, the convention with progressively good nurturance, form better competitive ability.

(1) the educational intention that changes a tradition and the standard that evaluate the child. We often “ child the evaluation measure that really good ” regards really obedient ” , “ as ” of “ good child, can say, this one concept is already old-fashioned. Give birth to the need that puts evolution to look from child future, foster the child to have as a child paddle one's own canoe consciousness, firm volition, have the courage to think and act, be brave in the educational idea that the spirit of innovation, creation and the psychological quality that its are brave in and dare to receive challenge, setback and hardships just are science. On educational means, the parent wants the “ with original change I say you listen to ” , “ I make your educational way from ” , those who adopt democracy, drive, dredge educational means. Want to encouraged the child to take study bravely at the same time, walk out of family and community, scan widely world, scan widely did not come, establish lofty aspirations and great ideals.

(2) in education the child has creativity thinking respect to make great efforts. Can say present school should try education to tie the development of children creativity thinking already, also decided the educational way of parent follow rules. So, when the parent is teaching the child, want to be good at arousing the curious desire of children and curious interest, encourage the child diligent beat one's brains, start work, move a key point, use an opening, not only book, do not go up only, be good at discovering a problem, raise a question, the train of thought that tastes him try out goes solving a problem. The parent cannot constrained at book, constrained will restrict the child at off-the-peg answer and traditional educational pattern, manacle the child's hands or feet. Showed ” of its “ new idea to have ” of “ new invention when the child, the parent should give in time praise, encourage the child to hold to exploration. One has the person of creativity thinking, it is a person that has capacity of competitive consciousness and competition.
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