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The student dispels doubts- - the method that should master study

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In our life, be in everywhere constantly exquisite method, understanding thinks, daily life of working work, athletic sports, life also pays attention to a method. Study is hand head is used, body and mind in all the complex activity of aid should pay attention to a method more of course. The method that offer of Er of French physiologist shellfish once had said “ is good can make we develop the talent that uses talent better, and clumsy square law is likely the play of block ability. ” the ancients also has said such word: The person that “ gets its way get twice the result with half the effort, the person that do not get its way get half the result with twice the effort. Einstein of ” big scientist still has a famous formula, be called: W (successful) = X (assiduous effort) + Y (the method is accurate) + Z (do not say empty talk) .

Here also emphasized using the important sense of accurate method. Committee of development of international of organization of article of U.N. science and education compiles " the society lives " one book middle finger goes out: What did not come is analphabetic, it is illiterate person no longer, the person that won't learn however. Accordingly, we should foster ourselves to become as a child can use study method, the knowledge that goes getting need actively, meeting learns, the person that be apt to learns. And the person that the ”“ of “ be a bookworm that does not become a meeting to accept knowledge passively reads dead book ” .

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