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The student dispels doubts- - how had listened to a class

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A lot of classmates think from had heard time of each class fluctuation, but cannot find a way again, cannot master a method. Here, I had listened to a class to talk about a bit experience with respect to how, consult for classmates.

One, make good prepare lessons before class. Had made the prepare lessons before class of new knowledge, this pair of content of this class, what have connection with the knowledge that has learned before, what with study will be concerned henceforth, what don't oneself know, accomplish know fairly well. Listen to a class to have quite so system, purposeful, understand easily.

2, attention concentration. The person often says, one cannot keep one's mind on two things at the same time. Attention height is centered, preoccupied, it is the key that has listened to a class. Specific say even if want the intention, on the thought anything but can “ absquatulate ” . The eye follows the roll of direct teaching aid such as the teacher's gesticulation; The ear, language that listens to accurate teacher, instructive problem, hand, prepare a record at any time, scribal and main content or problem; Mouth, prepare at any time the query of exact answer teacher; Brain buckles textbook closely.

3, do good exercise. The exercise can rise review, consolidate the action of new knowledge, also can check the rate that oneself understand to course. The exercise of a class, adroitness of can independent ground finishs a specification this class was understood basically.

4, review apply. Want to make a class learns from good examples, this wants to will listen to the content that pass, learn the knowledge that pass, through review and applying, memorize ceaselessly deepen understanding. Such ability consolidate knowledge is mixed enlarge ken; Make knowledge is accumulated stage by stage bunchy, good to listen a class has laid good foundation.

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