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The undesirable habit of how correctional child

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Good in education convention while want correctional and undesirable habit necessarily. To the child, we can discover they have a lot of bad habits: Learning bad child is study certainly the habit is bad; The child that moral character has a problem is moral character certainly the habit is bad. How to do?

We will review Wushensiji's word: “ nerve body can be reflexed giftedly not only, and also have below mobile influence master new catoptric capacity. ” passes education, through education, the person is to be able to form new convention, new catoptric. We can come completely through training the undesirable habit of correctional child.

Correctional and undesirable habit must have scientific manner and method. Strength of an old gentleman of Guangdong is urgenter, it is OK to hear of 21 days nurturance a good convention, let granddaughter correct read a habit undesirably, but 30 days also did not get effective, doubt the expert's theory then. Actually, any theory must be united in wedlock with practice, ought to from the child set out actually, be impossible to obtain good result to the child issues orders simply.

Foster good convention to have a lot of good methods. For example, have a mother the surname is tall, on her son 5 grade, study does not sit, keep the operation of a hour, stand up to have 10 times probably, open freezer a little while, look what to have delicious; Open TV a little while, see cartoon begin; Stand before the window a little while, who to see play outside. Do work so, is study result good?

Sitting when study is a kind of of a lot of children bad habit. But mom has wisdom very much, she used a kind of technology that distinguishs aggrandizement, say to the child: You are a clever child, you can have learned. You stand up 1 hour 10 times, be too much? Can you let me see your hour stands 5 times only? The child knows mom notices him, say: 5 5. Do work the following day, stood up 5 times only as expected. Mom says: Oh, my son is really marvelous, one day changed an in part, progress is too great, I see you stand 4 times to also can be accomplished. The child says: 4 with respect to 4 …… slowly, the child did not stand up when feigned course of study.

Tall mom still can develop good habit of the child with other very much technology. For example, the child likes to saw cartoon 6:30 in the evening especially, give him the agreement: When you do work today, stand up in 3 less than, you can see cartoon, more than 3, cartoon cannot look.

This that is to say, short of a certain standard when, must restrict somewhat, want punishment, this penalty must strip the thing that he likes most, this moment cannot feel distressed the child, this is irrespective. But after he reachs this level, you have to reward the thing that he likes most. The child passes such adjustment, was used to slowly. Be used to the mystery of education, can sum up give a word: Foster good convention to use addition, correct bad habit to use subtration.
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