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Students tutoring favored by parents

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Students use primary and secondary school of the time, opened tutoring classes, a monthly income of four or five thousand dollars. Yesterday, reporter learned from the Hubei University, the University School of Law, Law and Public Administration and Chen Wu Zhongsheng junior professional Dream of creating a "tutoring" has begun to take shape. The two students introduced, before they tutor, but through an intermediary company, the students at home do it yourself. Income of about one hour 25 yuan to 40 yuan, and the weekend is time to once or twice. " Why can not up their own schools, so several students together to learn counseling it? "The idea of two people touch, immediately agreed. A parent to know their thoughts, the very support and help in renting, with the After the investment of some one thousand two and repairing furniture and other furniture. Meng-introduction, home tutors, "Monday to Friday Start time is 19:00 to 9:00," the equivalent of a half school '5 ', the parents put their children to after school counseling homework here and complete the review and preview any Services "; The Open day Saturday classes, primarily English classes, learning new concepts in English teaching." Usual there will be examination papers, out of our content under the title of class. "In addition, they also have QQ group for non- Q & A problem-solving classroom time. They are both "boss" and also "teacher", usually riding a bicycle back and forth between the school and tutoring. Wu Zhongsheng good meal can single-handedly, "that we usually cook their own food to eat, and later a succession of parents, children stay with dinner, receive a certain amount of meals a month."
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