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Female students injured by car without traffic police said killed his father eas

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"I make her stop, she first stopped, then gave his foot oil, to me Dingfan had." Chaoyang, Changchun City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment of the traffic police brigade lying in a hospital bed, said Wang Zheng. 25 at 14 am, the king is the same in Changchun City Lung Lai Chi Street and alley intersection by a senior girl while on duty injured. At that time, this senior girl driving off-road vehicles in the retrograde single line, the traffic police in law enforcement was hit by a car started again. People at the scene said a girl knocked down the traffic police, the girl's parents rush over. At that time, the traffic police knocked on the ground motionless, someone asked him how he approached, he made some feeble to answer, some people call Played a 120 emergency call. "See the impact, the traffic police could still speak, the girl my father said, 'did not killed easily handled', and then came over to comfort the girl." By phone did not slam on the brakes in the foot At the scene, there is a before and after the public saw things through. He said the traffic police to stop retrograde girl, she immediately took out his cell phone, as if to give my family a call. "Is to call it, should be the foot brakes Not trampled to death, it suddenly hit a traffic police. "The people said, from the situation at the time, girls should not intentionally hit the traffic police, the girl should be a novice, for some one-way traffic rules are not familiar with and because of panic Loose under the feet of the brakes, and it hit the traffic police. "At the time she did not see it hit the person, some people call the car park she stopped, evidently the Special panic hit the traffic police should not be intentional." This member of the public said. Dad said the girl "did not killed will be easier" Girl knocked down the traffic police, the girl's father and mother drive over. At that time, the traffic police knocked on the ground motionless, someone asked him how he approached, he made some feeble to answer, some people call the 120 emergency telephone . "See the impact, the traffic police could still speak, the girl my father said, 'did not killed easily handled', and then came over to comfort the girl." Said one of the people at the scene. Daddy's girl, then the arguments aroused the crowd, some people said Wei Guan, then how can butt out, should not say something like that, ah, now the traffic police to quickly put the injured to the hospital Caixing. Impact, due to a traffic police Accidents, resulting in a gay street and alley intersection Takanori traffic congestion, and Wang Zheng Chaoyang belong to another brigade and two traffic wardens on duty traffic police rushing over, they would send 120 emergency car Wang Zheng, and call to Guilin Road police station reported the matter, the police arrived after the accident the girl away. Girl Mother: request the traffic police can forgive a child In the hospital, a 40-year-old middle-aged woman is always followed by Wang Zheng, repeatedly apologized to him apologize, middle-aged woman is the mother of the girl accident. "My daughter received a phone call came on the scene, and a look at the people hit, and I gripped scared of." Girl mother said she hoped the impact, the traffic police to forgive her daughter's fault, "she was a child, age is very small And still in school, give her time to admit its mistake and correct the error chance. " The girl's mother said that her daughter is a senior at the University of Changchun, a student 22 years old, test driver's license just last year, this time driving her father's car to go out, not too familiar with the road traffic rules, which led to the person injured . She asked the traffic police can forgive a child this time, she also intends to take his daughter hit the traffic police unit, as an apology for the impact, the traffic police. Impact, the traffic police wound not be affected much remains to be seen "The most concern is the injury to the bone, that place is the back bone and posterior caudal vertebrae." PLA 461 hospital doctors said that traffic police knocked Wang CT examination is being done, has confirmed that no serious injury, but exposed to the waist ground After injury to the muscles and resting for two days after the little things. "Although the injury is not too serious, but he still needs to convalesce for two days and then see if other changes have taken place." Doctor finally said. College girls detained by security 28, traffic police knocked on the issue, Changchun Mayor Cui Jie attention. Vice Mayor of Changchun City Public Security Bureau to instructions of high school chapter, "we must seriously deal with the matter," instructed the supervisors at the Changchun City Public Security Bureau, the matter Be sure to protect the civilian interests. And calls on all sectors of society concerned about the traffic police security. It is reported that 28 women have been sentenced to public order incident detained for 10 days, impose a fine of 500 yuan. That the results of this process, the traffic police in the hospital recuperating, said Wang Zheng, the main purpose of punishment and criticism is to want them to realize that the error lies. Reporters also learned that the girl surnamed Zhu, his family was more affluent, usually more loved by their parents. A source said, though his family is better, but usually is not a domineering girl child in school is also on the Into a good student. Looking for work right now is the senior stage, the curriculum is relatively small for regular home, the trouble will have a great influence on children. Impact, the traffic police: father's words make people sad girl 28, Wang Zheng lying in bed on the many who still feel pain. According to colleagues, said Wang Zheng, Wang Zheng was injured, they followed the girl and her father to Guilin Road police station, the station said the girl's father, did not Killed it? How can that killed it? Wang Zheng said, the girl's words made him feel that his father is very shocked, very sad. After all, Wang Zheng, 25, big deal than the teenage girls in the accident, and each human life is precious. When a reporter asked Wang Zheng, the girl came to apologize to him if he would accept, the Wang Zheng said he did not know. After the girls had butt blaspheming 28, a reporter from the Changchun Public Security Bureau Chaoyang Branch learned that, after investigation, has been ascertaining the facts. It is reported that the scene in the police investigation, the presence of mass indignation and condemned the evil driver, of which three People volunteered to the police station to testify. At 14:00 on the 25th, Wang Chaoyang police on duty traffic police are on duty Takanori alley, they found a license plate Ji A-0N500-line Toyota RAV4 jeep Chuang lane. Wang Zheng approached this car stopped immediately and inform the Secretary for the car Machine Zhu has been illegal, according to withheld driver's license and vehicle permits. After issuing a ticket, Wang Zheng and illegal drivers education. The attitude is very bad Zhu, and Wang Zheng said: You have opened a ticket, but also, and I say What's the use, I just did not see one-way street signs. Wang Zheng ranging from finished, Zhu went ahead drive moving forward. Zhu did not accept that education, Wang Zheng immediately went to the front of the vehicle to indicate its parking. Zhu turn a blind eye and move on Wang Zheng knocked down to the ground, cause it can not move. At this time, even off loud Zhu said: how can you correct the police as people who do, how I did not hit you, how do you fall? Ah you you cold lying on the ground, with no I'll get you with a mat ah. Wang Zheng took when preparing requests for telephone support and alarm, Zhu even approached a policeman grabbed the phone and call shouting. After that phone did not dial the phone fell on the Wang Zheng Who continued to brawl. Later, the crowd the police.
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