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Eleven aspects of family education child abuse apply the correct way to love

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The first major flaw of the neglect of education of the child's independent work. Many parents work hard to suppress the impulse to want to help their children, even children on many occasions to complete his alternative to the do. In fact, such a move greatly affected the child's self-realization, the children have lost a lot of things fun and sense of honor. Such "help", resulting in loss of participation and hands-on children's ability, so no difference between help and harm, a lot of low life, the child is born. Treatment: see how clumsy children, do not replace him work, to encourage some of his success to help him make the wrong place. To complete the whole process of his own experience the whole process. The second major flaw, an example of benign neglect of education. Many parents do not give their children a good example, they can not suppress the long-term develop their own bad habits, exposure in front of children. With children through a red light, is the most worth the wait to save time, such behavior is extremely dangerous, the child was not with the knowledge learned to act, even though he knew it was wrong behavior, see the adults do, he will learn to do. With his parents ran a red light today, tomorrow he may be drinking and driving, after the road, can be imagined. Treatment: As a parent, set a good example is more important than precept. Do not think that small mistakes can be expressed in front of children exposed to, education is a little bit of action, not slogans. The third major flaw of the neglect of child labor in the family education. Now parents are reluctant children to do household chores, as well as parents, do housework paid by the way, children do not know what's right and proper home is the responsibility of family members, leading to develop a lazy, Nianqingpazhong diseases. Treatment: from small children to labor, how dirty the place, hands, whatever the home, all children complete the church can not pay to develop the habit of domestic or nanny do it. The fourth major flaw, ignoring children's ethical education. Now many children in the family, is the care of four or even six elders, Zhongxingpengyue like. Have good food, first of all to the children to eat, there is a good thing, the first bear the child. Under such circumstances, the child will become selfish, eating alone, food, parents and elders, a little care and attention, will be furious. This education, children, temper big, small minded, it is difficult to get along with others, and there is also Seniority Rules ethics into the community, it is difficult promoted by the elders, it is difficult to get colleagues in love. Treatment: family foster inter-generational ethics, for example, be good at home, whether old people like it or not, give the elderly are selected. Mother can not front of the children learned father, to establish a father's authority and dignity. Family habit, go out and go home and elders must report it as habits, let the children know that he is the most at the end of the family role of the family pecking order is a young and old. Fifth major flaw, ignoring the child's life education. I have seen many Chinese parents, to kill the fish kill the chickens in the kitchen, do not avoid the child, they will tell them "keep your dish" rule. School children are also courses frog vivisection. Shenzhen, as many children with adults, fish live shrimp at the restaurant point of live snakes, but also in high spirits to live fish thrown into a hot pot. Since then, give up our children compassion for life, this is not the attitude of diet, this is the attitude towards life. This child grew up, the lack of understanding of life, may deal with family and community, will be relatively cruelty and indifference, and that in return for his life and will also be cold and cruel. Treatment: Try not to kill animals in front of the children live, we must tell the child, the strong proof that he is strong, it should be with compassion, rather than cruel. Does not harm our insects and animals, entered the room, careful to put out, do not arbitrarily kill. This training children with good nature, kindness is the root of wisdom. One writer said: the highest level of education, that is, sensitive to life. Sixth largest malpractice, neglect their children's education value. Now the family pay attention to food safety, discard leftovers handy, many children develop a habit of wasting food, taste a little inappropriate, do not eat out. Such a child, grew up not develop the habit of treasure, he may not cherish the development from the goods to the feelings of people do not value, and now people say that divorce is a divorce, but not the treasure, all the details from the beginning of life The. Treatment: from childhood to food, water and resources, cherish the children that resources are not the private property of mankind, is the world's wealth, require children thrift, and set an example to do thrift example. Seventh major flaw, ignoring the child's ability to exercise self-resistance. Too many parents are worried about disease with the children a little bit Toutengnaore to fight to the hospital antibiotics, destruction of the child's immune system, in fact, tantamount to a dependent child of antibiotics brought no return. In fact, the child birth with the immune system, these self-healing self-protection capability, is the need to develop and improve, the dress too warm, damage resistance to cold, and excessive over-nutrition and feed, harm to the child's yang and operation of the gas, anti-hunger as children often have more healthy appetite. Treatment: as the Japanese did, exercise the child cold, let the children want, points out, do not take vehicles to take their vehicles to allow more children to walk more than the sun. Child does not want to eat, do not force feed arrangements for regular meal time, not to miss the snacks, the children will naturally like to eat. As little as possible to the child with medicine drip, sick, more physical therapy and traditional Chinese medicine conditioning. Stimulate the mobilization of the child's own disease and become a healthy person. Eighth largest malpractice, neglect children's social communication skills. I have a large number of students, surprised to find a feature. Class, the children and you close, after school, in the street encounter, the child can hide to hide, to escape before fleeing, afraid to face greeting. This shows that children in the community when dealing with adults, lack of experience, no confidence. After we have 70 people, from childhood to be dictated to by their parents, neighbors get to this thing, to the parents of New Year, this is communication training. 3 person family is now a small family, the neighborhood community where people do not need to communicate, the child lost communication opportunity to see the natural fear of people greet such a thing. This kid, easy to run away from trouble, frightened by the strange environment. Treatment: from an early age to send kids to the neighbors to send more stuff, go to the store to buy things, communication to the children more opportunities to communicate, to teach children when Lu Yu acquaintances, how say hello. Ninth major flaw, ignoring the fact that children grow up, for the children to conquer the world. Many parents of small children everywhere arranged, forced the school, arranged voluntary, and even arranged the child's job, love and so on. This kid, with both extremes, either very rebellious, anxious to flee away, or is very dependent on their parents, adult, and emotion is still in the infant state. There are many children, resentment of parents, their experience any disappointments, are vented to the parents. Treatment: let the children in advance or timely decisions for yourself, and asked him to pay for this decision, no matter what results, to be his to bear. Do not mess ending for the children, fostering children's ability to play, independent decision-making. The tenth largest malpractice, neglect of training children to think independently. Many parents who lack the ability to think independently, logical confusion, it is difficult to inspire children to think independently. The requirements of the world's elite students, the most important thing is the ability to think independently, too much emphasis on our education system, children's computing and learning ability, but ignored, the children are discussing and thinking. For example, the parents told their children to cherish life, he was spraying pesticides when the children asked: "Cockroaches are not life?" He replied: "Cockroaches are pests, must be killed." This is the most common logic, stealing change topics, to avoid the cockroach is the basic concept of life. Also, for example, parents said their materialism, allows the children in red pants natal teachers to enable students to be honest, the mission came, they teach children to collectively lie in China, this sort of thing abound. This kid, logical confusion, lack of independent thinking, easy to follow blindly, easy to be tempted, right and wrong, the pro-villain far sage. Treatment: do the Democratic parents, foster children in the family and parents to discuss equality, equality debate, create noise and embarrassment of thinking, better than reading books dead manufacture of calm and elegance. Eleventh largest malpractice, neglect confession and conviction of education. China is a relatively Justifying the peoples, especially the elders in front of children, is totally unacceptable to admit its mistakes. Japanese veterans, having come to China to apologize when the case of repentance, and we witness the Cultural Revolution, when those are still alive, Lao She was beaten to death beaten, Yan Fengying, Fu Lei couple of those Red Guards, and no one come forward to confess apology. We are not devoid of conscience in our nation and family, lack of repentance and reflection of the education. Such an environment children grow up, afraid of criticism, fear of frustration, evasion of responsibility, will also shield their mistakes because of the excessive, the heart become light and suppressed the growth of personality is also very unfavorable. Repentance is self-salvation of human medicine, loss of this ability, our children will lose the errors corrected, the responsibility to play, right and wrong, tell the. Therapy: Parents do not admit in front of them rude, does not mean establishing authority, on the contrary, this is the image of the bad behavior of their own destruction. Teach your child know how to admit mistakes, learn to self-examination self-confession. Self-critical culture in the family atmosphere, such an environment, children assume a more favorable error correction themselves and face the weaknesses of human nature. I was not the teacher education sector, but over the years concerned about the children's education problems, persuade people, as parents, give the child a lifetime of character to do an example to the children than the cost of studying abroad is much more important save enough ah.
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