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Family Education held in Qingyang District, Chengdu, public lecture tour

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Yesterday, Sichuan Province, home education experts, instructors, Sichuan Normal University, Associate Professor Zhang Qingyang District, four Su Qing slope to primary schools, with more than 200 parents of students to discuss the scientific concept of family education methods and techniques, universal knowledge of family education. It is understood that this year, for the dissemination of scientific knowledge of family education to help parents set up "for the country to teach the child, the moral person" concept of family education, the district has held public lecture tour of 350 games. The seminar is co-area for the first time with the provincial Women's Federation, invited experts in Sichuan Province, home education instructors close contact with parents. "Many parents do not understand the importance of family education, parents should spend more time with their children, with his good words and deeds imperceptibly infected child, the child's life and play their elders, teachers and friends of these three roles . "Zhang Qing, told reporters four. Lecture, four clean sheets themselves over the years in primary and secondary education, family education theory research and youth work, mental health counseling experience into a systematic summary of methods, from more than one side to impart scientific education Zi, and in the "How do parents pass , wisdom their parents, so that effective communication between parents and their children, "" how to get kids to develop good habits "and" how to teach children science "and other aspects of the incisive exposition.
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