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Heilongjiang campus institute is rolled out " characteristic family education "

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Xinhua net Harbin on May 18 report (reporter Hu Guoxiang) undertake to encourage a student the society is carried out, heilongjiang campus institute organizes a teacher to undertake to the student ” of “ characteristic family education grooms, the near future already expedited many 50 student to the market, these students give priority to pair of a few middle and primary school to be born with tuitional study method undertake training, got the student reachs the welcome of its parent.

The service that provides on family education market at present is which division won't coach commonly which division, coach means also bureau be confined to explains collect of exercise book, exercises to wait, this kind of family education is in short-term inside may have the effect to improving some division result, but the pupil that is coached often studies a method without what master this one discipline however. The undergraduate that the ” of “ characteristic family education that attends Heilongjiang campus college grooms makes Ran Gao tell a reporter, distinction of our family education method depends on teaching middle and primary school unripe study method at the place of someone else, this ability is those who improve study result is essential.

“ we are study pedagogic with what apply psychological major, relative to the undergraduate at other major, we are known more undertake communication with professional knowledge and child. ” Xu Ran says, “ for example, I ever was not known in the light of a child how to review, the ‘ Ai Binhao that has learned with me this memorial law ’ is directive he, get very good result. ”

The counsellor Li Yunfeng that occupies Heilongjiang campus institute introduces, the undergraduate that attends ” of family education of this “ characteristic to groom has learned pedagogic relevant course, the society is children psychology, education psychology, for instance psychological wait, they enter practice of this kind of society, not only the major that reviewed oneself learn, and the ability that still exercised him many sided, after be opposite, obtain employment also can be helped somewhat.

Li Yunfeng says, face the child that should coach, the undergraduate of pedagogic courtyard should listen to the parent introduction to the child first, seeing child learning result differ basically is caused by which respect reason, next undergraduate and the teacher that teach a college undertake communication, give child formulate plan of a study jointly. Coaching in the process, the undergraduate discovers the problem can be sought to academic feedback at any time settle way, as a result of this kind of characteristic, the institute rolls out this kind of family education to serve to the market only many days 10, have 20 many in (small) student and institute signed family education contract. (

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