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Changchun: "All-round family education " times accept social favour

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Xinhua net Changchun on August 3 special telegram (Tao Bin, Liu Tingting) summer vacation arrived, a lot of parents go to intermediary company or be the place that undergraduate family education centers quite searchs ” of “ all-round family education, all-round can make up a missed lesson to be able to accompany the child to play again for the child already namely, hungry still can do to the child some eat. The reporter understands, from this year the beginning of the year begins, ” of all-round of this kind of “ family education begins to accept the favour to the parent, its are highest can earn 50 yuan hourly.
Around Jilin university the staff member of an intermediary company tells a reporter, when having a holiday every year, the undergraduate that comes round to register the teaching and administrative staff that make the home to make is not little. “ from this year the beginning of the year begins, the parent seeks advice, can accompany the child to play already, can teach child learning, when the child is hungry the teaching in home that can make some of food simply accompany the child to spend vacation. Actually this is planted accompany player teaching full-timely to wait for big city in Shanghai and Beijing early appeared. This staff member says ” , undergraduate of a lot of choices accompanies those who appreciate baby-sitter family education is parental job is busy, ferial take out time very hard to coach the child. And pure family education or it is baby-sitter cannot take care of the child's study and food comprehensive, so the parent hopes can baby-sitter, accompany play, family education closes 3 for one. This staff member says, the salary that gives because of parents quite abundant, wage is hourly 20 yuan - 50 yuan differ, so the undergraduate of poverty of a lot of families is willing to do this work.

To ” of “ all-round family education, undergraduates the view is differ. Big 3 students Xiaoliu expresses very hold with, he says, teach a course to the child, cook the independent viability that can foster oneself. And do earn of this kind of family education more, do average teaching in home one hour to be able to earn ten money only.

A social scholar thinks, what the child needs most in growing process is education kissing affection, parents is the child's best teacher, the child longs to be paid close attention to by parents very much. And parents is busy job, give others to attend the child, time became long can bring about the child to become indrawn. (be over)

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