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Of Beijing diplomat child the accused of case of killing family education has ho

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Report from our correspondent goes in calmingly, crying to walk out of, only a hour, xiaohua of 15 years old of teenagers (alias) experienced two kinds of mood to change. Yesterday afternoon 1 when 20 minutes, beijing court of the 2nd intermediate people, “15 year old the teenager kills case of family education ” opens careful stealthily here.
The victim awaits a news outside family member front courtyard
The charge that Xiaohua is charged is to be suspected of intended homicide, the indictment that refers according to public prosecution mechanism shows, this year on May 21, xiaohua is in him home teacher of lieutenant general family education is young power kill. When the accident, ability is 15 Xiaohua years old, and what be died by homicide is small power also be 18 years old only.
As we have learned, xiaohua's parents all is diplomatic staff member.
Afternoon 1 when 20 minutes, xiaohua walks into a court below send under escort of a bailiff. He looks very quiet, close to 1.8 meters build, walk back is erect. A suit sportswear and line of black casing glasses show his student to enrage. Because of weather reason, xiaohua covered coat of a green army.
The injured party is small power (alias) father and uncle appear in court as person of civil suit accuser attended front courtyard careful, and his mother faces the murderer that is suspected of killing a son because of concern, uncontrollable mood and wait outside the court, accompany together small power the family member that the mother awaits outside the court reached 16 people.
Because involve minor, this case underground is tried.
The teenager is pointed to to have homosexual tendency
Small power father grandson gentleman says after front courtyard careful, the both sides that there is media coverage before bloodguilty motive is not has contradiction happening stick to one's position, my son does not have “ any fault ” .
According to small power the uncle says, the appraisal that shows on the court shows Xiaohua has homosexual tendency, and tragedy happening and this is concerned. According to indictment accusation, contrast of Xiaohua bloodguilty reason is big his teacher of 3 years old has good opinion, but concern refuses and rise again kill machine, prepared two kitchen knife for this. That day afternoon 1 when, after he holds a knife to raid Ji Xiaowei to suffer revolt, slashing small power the head, cervical wait for tens of knives, small power the vein inside left neck total artery and neck gets hurt badly exsanguine and overmuch death.
“ how can 15 years old of teenagers issue such murderous scheme? ” is small power the anger when careful of uncle front courtyard unceasingly, he asks the court punishs severely a murderer. According to small power father says, xiaohua admitted all accusation on the court.
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