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Placard of family education invite applications for a job is blamed greatly -- "

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Xinhua net Shijiazhuang on January 22 report (reporter Zhu Feng) winter vacation comes, the part-time job inside the college hits strike movement to also be heated up, placard of various invite applications for a job are seen in the everywhere inside campus. And the poster of family education of a few invite applications for a job that the reporter discovered inside campus of Heibei Normal University recently, however some let a person feel do not wear brains.

Be in Heibei Normal University east campus, the reporter saw a few pieces of Xiaohai that hire family education sign up for, stick trimly together. A of these placard collective and typical feature is: Hire beautiful woman student. But the job that the job is family education only, or is to coach study of high school student, or is to coach him computer course is waited a moment. The requirement on placard is similar in one column such sentence, “ schoolgirl, face is finer. ”“ schoolgirl, facial features is regular, appearance is beautiful. ” and the most crucial to family education knowledge competence does not say a single word however, some is to appoint a certain courtyard to fasten major to finish sth at most. The schoolgirl that advertisement is a surname poplar minds already to this not strange, “ is promoted now search female, search beautiful. Think in heart of the person that who knows these invite applications for a job. I also had done teaching in home temporarily greatly, but won't apply for those who have these demands absolutely, the feeling is sick. ” a transient schoolboy appears very humorous deep sigh “ hey, can suffer from our able brother. ”

The reporter is at the door elementary school of Shijiazhuang abundant Hua Lu, covered a few parents that are waiting for the child to classes are over randomly, enquire their requirement to family education. Parents put ability in without an other place the first. When telling them the one act that sees in campus placard when the reporter, the parent shakes his head express to pay no attention to solution to this, some reaction are more intense, “ this is willfully make a trouble simply! The word of Ms. Wang represented ” the most extensive viewpoint, “ chooses teaching in home is can good child teaching of course the most important, what to if he learns to be no good,still talk about to teach others, this is the basiccest, contact necessarily without what with appearance.

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