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Shanghai occurrence autograph makes an appointment with family education expert

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The autograph restrains family education price also the price with average prep above, just rose in order to coach 3 students are first exemple, general family education collects fees hourly for 30 yuan horary, and the autograph makes an appointment with family education to need 100 yuan hourly. “ autograph makes an appointment with family education is to invite this city to had better learn the teacher of school, here persons qualified to teach is very nervous, so, need of the parent when the autograph is made an appointment with is prepaid coach cost. In ” communication process, intermediary emphasizes asking the parent is prepaid again and again cost, arrange a teacher to come to coach again next.
The parent cannot credulous acceptance
The reporter investigates discovery, now, if Shanghai of teacher of undergraduate, other place, minority is on-the-job,this city is engaged in a hierarch teacher. Among them, teaching in home is made in school undergraduate most, be willing to come to undertake “ man-to-man ” coach, these undergraduates hope to use summer vacation time to exercise his ability, contact a society more, help oneself earn a few living cost, so, the rate of undergraduate family education is relatively inferior, it is commonly horary 20 yuan reach 30 yuan. These students train without the education that passes major, coach to the student, the problem place that the student can not find when making up a missed lesson, just explain example one-sidedly, figure title looks to the student, do not have too great help to improving the student's result. In addition, teacher of a few other places comes to Shanghai make teaching in home, also not be familiar with the teaching material of Shanghai very much, its coach the effect also not beautiful. And this city is on-the-job be engaged in paid the teacher of family education is very few however, they also won't go actively socially family education intermediary searchs a student.
Do not believe the acceptance of family education orgnaization easily, do not throw easily gigantic endowment invite “ autograph to make an appointment with family education ” , yesterday, school-run director Mr. Xing into school of north of ability middle school points out, the student's study has its objective law, study result of the student can be affected by a variety of elements beyond the teacher. How much does blurt out of family education orgnaization raise to achievement of commitment of student, parent, this is a kind of irresponsible expression, the parent does not want credulous autograph to make an appointment with family education.

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